A Chic Girl’s Guide to Pull Off a Sexy Prom Dress without Looking Scandalous

posted by Chris Valentine

Want a sexy prom dress that will stun people? Read this article for the tips you'll need...

Image by prom dresslove via flickr

Everyone would love to look best at prom night and there are many styles you can choose for this special event. If sexy is the style you are aiming for, here are some tips for pulling off that sexy prom dress without opening yourself up to gossip.

Choose the dress right

First things first, make sure that the dress you choose is not scandalous itself. The golden rule that always works is if you want to show your cleavage, cover your legs, and vice versa. If your dress is both short and revealing around the neckline, make it plain in terms of color and pattern. Great options can be found in big dress boutiques like Peaches Boutique in Chicago, IL.

Know your body type

There are also many kinds of sexy dresses. It can be a short bodycon, a sexy backless dress, or a long gown. Know and understand your body type before choosing your dress. For example, if you are petite, avoid floor length gowns and full skirts. A short dress that lets you show off your legs will be a much better choice for you. For a girl with Cameron Diaz’s legs, simple and elegant La Femme prom dresses are a great way to go. The most important thing is you need to be honest with yourself while you choose the dress size. Wearing a size smaller than what it should be is always a bad idea!

The Perfect Accessories

Matching your dress with accessories is also crucial; the right accessories can complete the look. You will not get bored of looking at the photos from your prom for years to come. On the other hand, bad accessories can ruin the dress and make you look ridiculous. If your dress has a whole lot of embroidery or sequins around the neck, don’t go crazy on the earrings or necklace. Less is more when it comes to dressing sexy. Choosing the right shoes is also important. A pair of high heels is always hot but if you are not comfortable with 5-inch heels, then don’t bother wearing one. Walking like Bambi at prom is not sexy. Falling and tripping at prom are a no-no.

Pampering it up

A great skin and hair care routine will make you ready for the special day. However, don’t do anything that will create a major change to your look just before the big day. Experimenting on a pixie cut or trying to get Botox for the first time are a bit too risky.

What you should do is trim your hair just to get rid of split ends and get yourself a hair treatment to make it easy to style on the day. If you always get tanned, do it couple of days before and don’t go too orange. A sexy back dress is a great way to look sexy. If you choose to wear this style, give a little extra attention to your back by getting it scrubbed and moisturized. Don’t forget to add some shimmering lotion to create an irresistible glow.


As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, don’t experiment with any new makeup styles on the big day. If you are not sure about colorful eyeliner, just stay away from it. Choose a makeup style that complements your dress. If you choose to wear bold lips, tone down the eyes a little bit. If you plan to go for smoky eyes, nude lips are always the best bet. It’s a classic tip that always works.

Last but not least, you have to be confident. Believe in your dress. If you love the dress and want to wear it, wear it. Don’t let anyone stop you. The confidence that shines on your face will help you pull off anything. If Carrie Bradshaw can pull off all those odd outfits, you can pull off yours too!

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