How to tell if he’s in love with his ex?

posted by Chris Valentine

You're with this guy, but not sure he's faithful ... here's how to tell if he’s in love with his ex ... photo by CC user bdeanindy on pixabay

Okay, we all know that falling in love with somebody is totally amazing and the thing we all secretly or obviously want ant hope for is mutuality. Yes, no matter how right it is to love unconditionally and regardless your partner’s response, let’s be honest here – some part of us will always crave for this love respond and those who stand too close to this feeling on the line will be ultimately suffering of not having this desired love response of the “love ray” they send to their object of love.

One of the reasons the person you fancy is not there to reflect your feelings is that he (or she) is still in love with one’s ex. That is quite a misfortune and if you are not into lessening this kind of experience, here are some tips by Easy Date for you to quickly recognize and move through this situation.

He just got out of the relationship

This point shall ring a bell for you at once, as no matter how long people were together, it still takes time to get over a certain sensual experience and a person he shared it with. Remember Charlotte’s (from “Sex and the city”)expression about the “fall out of love” thing, that it takes half of the time the love affair lasted to move on things between people. Well, consider this when you investigate your companion’s past.

He’s a monogamous type

There’s nothing slower in moving for someone new at this point than monogamous type of a person. If he falls for each partner as “the one and only” this is not only a good, but also sad perspective for you. As in one hand he’s capable of loving you till death, but so as his ex-girlfriend and it’ll take quite of guts for you to concentrate most of his attention on your persona if long=lasting monogamous relationship is what you want to have with this guy.

He wants to be special

If after one or two dates he already tries to figure things out between you, trying to “make it certain” as confirming whether you’re a couple and demanding on you to answer what’s his role in you life – beware. That’s a point where the wounded self-esteem takes ones voice and he probably not into very you but the desire to make oneself comfortable via belief that he’s loved and “important”. And this isn’t a bad thing, just has very little to do with an actual feeling we all wish in the loving relationship.

She’s still in his mind

Pay attention to what your object of attraction says (which is pretty easy if you’re attached). And I’m not only talking about pure cognition of his deep personality. Mind if he talks about one’s ex in whatever way. If he hates or nostalgies or whatever emotion color that’s present – he’s still into her and there’s not, yet, a chance for you to full take a place of the “dame of his heart”.

He has his stuff in her apartment (or vice versa)

If they have their stuff in each others’ places, things are still twisted and not fully figured between those two. Pay attention to this fact as this will definitely take him back in mind to the point they were together.

They are “still friends”

Yeah, that is awesome they’re “still cool” with each other after everything they have gone through, but hey. Are you that sure that’s it’s only about friendship now? People surely CAN be friends after romantic period is over, but it, as well, takes some time for the feelings to calm down and those two to find “friendly roles” to stick themselves into for each other.

It is only about sex

If your “beloved” only wants the physical contact but doesn’t undress oneself emotionally, that’s definitely a thing to take a little worry about. You see, the actual closer is about getting in touch with one’s deepest and hidden parts of the nature, so if your partner is shady in this way, he’s probably not that ready for some new kind of relationship.

His friends can tell

Friends are like back-of-a-mind map for you to investigate in order to know the actual intentions of your partner. If you feel the tension in communicating with them or feel like they don’t fully accept you, there is, probably, a reason for it and un –quite- finished relationship just might be one of them.

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