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4 of the Best Anniversary Ideas Your Partner Will Adore

posted by Chris Valentine

Romantic anniversaries come with a lot of traditions and themes, but sometimes we want something more. We want to find a way to celebrate that is both exciting and new.

Coming up with those plans isn’t always so easy. That’s where this list comes in handy.

Down below you’ll find a variety of inspiring anniversary ideas to give you and your partner the best day ever.

1. Revisit a Favorite Memory
Your past experiences together are the perfect starting points for finding romantic anniversary ideas. Anniversaries are all about remembering the entire span of your relationship, so tap into some of your favorite memories.

Go for dinner at the same restaurant you visited for your first date. Take a trip downtown to the local nightclub where you both loved dancing together.

Things like these are great ways to call back to the past while enjoying how close you’ve grown since then.

2. Spend the Day in Bed
Sometimes the best way to enjoy your anniversary to its fullest is to hide away from the rest of the world.

Turn off your phones, cancel all appointments, and relax all day in bed. Order in some delicious treats, sip some wine, and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s reminiscing, playing games, or watching TV, make sure to indulge in whatever strikes your fancy.

Cutting yourself off from all distractions lets you hone in on what’s most important on this special day: each other.

3. Go On a Shopping Spree
Treating yourself to a fun day in a shopping plaza is a fun adventurous way to find gifts for one another. Don’t be afraid to go out to your favorite shops and splurge a little. To add a fun twist of tradition, find a gift that’s on theme for your particular anniversary year.

For example, third-year anniversaries are all about supple leather. A fine leather wallet or purse is a useful and matching set of presents that will last for years to come. If that’s not your thing, then you can always read more about leather gifts to get better inspiration!

4. Experience Something New Together
Relationships are built up by the experiences we share with our significant other. Sometimes this gets set aside as we get busy with work and obligations. For your anniversary, seek out something new to experience with your partner.

Take a cooking class to learn a new dish or go sky diving for the first time. What better way to cross something off your bucket list than to do so with the person you love?

The Best Anniversary Ideas Come From the Heart
If the above anniversary ideas don’t resonate with you, use them to inspire something that suits your relationship better!

Start by looking at the things you both like to do together and then spin them into something new and exciting. For example, if you both love movies, why not go to an outdoor movie theater and have a picnic?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to fun and meaningful ideas.
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