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90s Rave Flyers Part Two – Central Florida

posted by Chris Valentine

I have more scans of 90s rave flyers and club flyers from places in the central Florida area. Mostly Orlando, but some on the east coast and up north. These are old school flyers from local Orlando clubs like Blue Room, Cairo, Knock Knock, Firestone, and Club La Vela. There are also a few from 600 North in Daytona and some festivals circa 1998/1999.

As always, click a thumbnail to see the image, then click it again for full resolution.

1st Sunrise 2000 A.D.
Friday, December 31, 1999
600 North at the Plaza Resort & Spa, Daytona Beach

This was a New Years Eve party to ring in the 2000s. DJs were spread out between the club, 4 ballrooms, and the resort pool deck. I assume that the club 600 North no longer exists, but I haven’t been to Daytona in years.

600 North - 1st Sunrise 2000 A.D.
600 North - 1st Sunrise 2000 A.D.600 North - 1st Sunrise 2000 A.D.

Blue Room Thursdays
November, 1998
Blue Room, 17 W Pine Street, Orlando, FL

Atnarko Bear, Noel Sanger, Chris Domingo, Alanna, Mindseed & Kix. I think Blue Room is gone but I don’t know if anything is there now.

Blur Room ThursdaysBlur Room Thursdays

Cairo Wednesdays
Date: Maybe 1998/1999 ?
Cairo, 22 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL

Wednesdays at Cairo was ladies night, with DJs Hudi Hudia, Cliff T, and Stylus. $5 cover. The place used to be called Renaissance, then Cairo, then Lyrica. Vain lives there now.

Cairo WednesdaysCairo Wednesdays

Club la Vela
5100 Adanson St, Orlando

Club la Vela used to live in the Lee Road Shopping Center, west of I-4. It called itself “Orlando’s Largest Nightclub.” I don’t recall if that was true, but remember – bigger isn’t always better. The club went the way of Club Paris, but there’s still one living in Panama City.

Resident DJs at the time included Rob E, Andy Hughes, Baby Anne, and Daisy. Check out the reference to Cyberzone at the bottom.

Club la Vela - Orlando - FrontClub la Vela - Orlando - back

843 Lee Rd, Orlando, FL
Year: 1999

Speaking of Cyberzone… here are some flyers I dug up from 1999, including Cyberzone‘s mini ‘zine (“The Zone”). Cyberzone was Orlando’s BYOB after-hours club where more than alcohol was being consumed, I promise you. During one of the few times I was there, some guy actually asked me if I had any ‘ludes. LOL.

Cyberzone was the subject of much controversy (drug overdoses and raids). It was one of the last all-night clubs in the wake of the 2am anti-rave law. It died in 2001 when Dan Davis tried to rename it Aura and turn it into a “dance studio.” The city wasn’t having it. Club H2O on Pine street suffered from similar problems and raids. They also closed around 2002, signaling the end of Orlando’s late-night scene.

Cyberzone Flyer 1Cyberzone 1999 Flyer

Cyberzone - The Zone - 01Cyberzone - The Zone - 2cyberzone Schedule for Summer '99Cyberzone - the Zone - 4Cyberzone - the Zone vol 2Cyberzone Message From Dan, VIPcyberzone - DJ Profilescyberzone special events July - Sep 1999Cyberzone Flyer page 9

Enamored Festival
February 13-14, 1999
Gainesville , Florida

This happened over Valentines Day weekend and featured a whole slew of artists including Icey, Magic Mike, Baby Anne, John Debo, Derrick May, Doc Scott, Nigel Richards, Sandy, and Keoki. Notice that on the 4th image it says “To preserve the integrity of this event, the location will be released at a later date.” I wasn’t sure where it actually happened but I found something online suggesting it was in Gainesville. (Not sure of the venue – Alachua County Fairgrounds, maybe?)

Enamored Festival 1999Enamored Festival (2)
Enamored Festival - dj listEnamored Festival - gainesville

Kit Kat Klub
25 Wall Street Plaza, Orlando
October 26, 1999

DJ Soul, Jay Skinner, James Woodward, Minus-B, Kable

Remember Kit Kat? This was part of the Wall Street Plaza Yab Yum/Go Lounge/Kit Kat triple threat, courtesy of owners Barrie Freeman and William Waldren. They turned Yab Yum into Harold & Maude’s back in 1996. Then Go Lounge closed. On August 31, 2001, Harold & Maude and Kit Kat had their final night. They were soon replaced by Slingapour’s. (I never went back.)

Kit Kat Club 1999Kit Kat - Wall st Plaza

Martin County Fairgrounds, 2616 Southeast Dixie Highway Stuart, FL
Saturday, December 19, 1998

Sponsored by Inner Vision, the Love festival took place at the Martin County Fairgrounds in December of 1998. Featured artists: Moby, Headrillaz, and loads of DJs including Gemini, Stylus, Andy Hughes, Robbie Hardkiss, Sandy, Noel Sanger. Flyer designed by J. J. Marley.

Love - Martin County Fairgrounds - 1998Love - Martin County Fairgrounds - 1998Love - Martin County Fairgrounds - DirectionsArtists Performing At Love Festival 1998Love - 1998 - Sponsors

There’s more to come. If anybody out there has any flyers from the 90s let me know. I’d love to put ’em up.

– Bill G

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Shannon February 27, 2016 at 7:45 pm

OMG the last sunset! They had one in 2001 as well! I can’t believe it! Brings back memories. So much has changed! Do you recall djs named Jykle and Hyde? I’d love to hear their old stuff! (They spell it differently and I can’t find them!)

Louie March 31, 2016 at 12:43 am

Jackal and Hyde

Louie March 31, 2016 at 12:39 am

1st sunrise 2000 was crazy! If I’m remembering correctly that night a water main broke and flooded that hotel. I do know for a fact that it was cold as hell that night by Florida’s standards. I am looking for the Cyberfest flyer. I’m sure if you had that you would have posted it as well. That rave was insane!!! 30K plus people from as far away as Chicago and Colorado. Thanks for posting what you do have! Brings back great memories

Kyle Keleher March 7, 2019 at 12:11 pm

The floor collapsed in one of the ball rooms upstairs and crushed people below… shit was insane…!!!

Kyle Keleher March 7, 2019 at 12:22 pm

Love, December 19, 1998 was one of the best parties I ever attended…! I was in my active raver days in 1998. I was 17 years old and been using a fake ID over a year by then using it every weekend at CyberZone in Orlando or back home in Daytona Beach at Sol-Rays…! I remember vividly that we got lost heading to Love trying to find a parking space and a cop doing traffic told us to pull over and proceeded to search the car my buddy and I was in. Being used to the harrassment in the late 1990s in the rave scene by the police, I had my 10 pack of beans hidden in the 5th pocket of an extra pair of Jnco Jeans I had in a backpack. Thank God he didn’t find them and the party started. Best night I had to date traveling the state of Florida hitting parties. I lost my friend in the 1st hour…lol…! Didn’t see him until morning light walking to car 12 hours later…! God what a great time to be in the Florida Breakz scene!!!!


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