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Unusual and Alternative Homes Around the World

posted by Chris Valentine
Unusual Homes

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

While apartments and houses may be the norm, there are still plenty of odd and alternative homes out there. Some choose unusual homes for fun while others have no choice at all. Below are some structures that we normally do not classify as homes but pass as houses for others.

Underground tunnel homes in Tunisia

These homes are found in the famous Matmata settlements in Tunisia. The inhabitants decided to dig deep holes and then transformed the walls into tunnels. It is a strange that they chose not to construct their homes in these homes but inside the tunnel on the walls.

Underground homes are safe from the extreme weather experienced above the ground. This kind of settlement is ideal for dry places where flooding is a rare thing.

Glass houses

Glass is delicate, and we handle the few we have with utmost care. Imagine if your entire house was made of glass, this is unusual isn’t it? A glass cottage exists in Florida, and it has occupants.

Its magnificent look is something no one can refute. It is extremely expensive, because glass is not an ordinary building material. It is also very delicate and requires careful maintenance. There is no privacy either, as glass is transparent unless you make it dark.

Giant sea shell home

People can experiment and indeed the creativity of human beings has no limits. In Mexico stands a well-designed sea shell house that is home to a small family. They actually live there by choice no situation forced them.

First it is built around nature and presents that eco-friendly environment. However still, the issue of isolation comes in, such a structure has to be built away from normal houses.

Caravans and motorhomes

Why deal with a mortgage when you can buy and live out of a motorhome? Join the Caravan Club, where all you need is some insurance for misadventures, gas and the open road to make your own home wherever you may be.

Cave homes

Cave homes are becoming more and more popular. People are developing unique ways of transforming caves into comfortable homes. A good example is the modern sand stone cave house in Festus, Missouri.

These underground structures are usually quiet and cost less than ordinary homes. Caves however may harbor dangerous creatures which might pose a threat to humanity.

Home inside an abandoned sewer

A family in Colombia has turned an abandoned sewer into a home. In fact the house has a fan and TV, chair, kitchen and a bed just like normal homes.

Since it is abandoned you do not have to pay anything as rent. This makes it a more affordable home for the homeless and poor. No good cover hence it leaks, and it is also very small.

Dome houses

These may look unusual but come in handy to assist those who have lost their homes. These dome structures are common these days and people use them for homes or even churches. A perfect example are the US dome houses built for earthquake victims in Indonesia.

Dome structures tend to be strong due to the material used in construction. However they are also very small and do not provide the comfort derived from having a normal house.

Tree houses

Houses are even constructed on trees. Amazingly the occupant lives comfortably without fear of environmental factors. Houses are built up to over 100 feet above the ground. An example is the Korowai clan of New Guinea tree house structures.

Tree houses keep the inhabitants safe from ground predators. On the other hand, a tree house is susceptible to wind and other harsh environmental conditions.

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