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The Eighties Comeback You Didn’t Know You Needed!

posted by Chris Valentine

Trends are cyclical, it can’t be argued. Something that was in fashion a few years ago is bound to come back around and be popular again, but maybe tweaked a little to fit in with the modern times. And in the past few years, it’s predominantly been the ‘70s and ‘90s that have made a resurgence in our day to day lives, whether it’s in the way we are dressing, the music we are listening to or the things that are influencing filmmakers and producers. 2016 has thrown another era in to the mix, with the eighties comeback coming on like never before, keep reading to find out just how much we are being influenced by era’s gone-by.

TV & Film

The television and film industry finds inspiration in many places, and previous era’s coming back around is not a new thing. But we are undoubtedly in the midst of an eighties comeback. And we certainly didn’t know how much we needed it, but it is being embraced, and you might not have even realised you are one of the ones embracing it, whether it is Independence Day: Resurgence, Ghostbusters or Netflix’s original show Stranger Things. We are either going through previous ideas and giving them a new lease of life (i.e. Ghostbusters), or taking inspiration from ‘80s films and directors and paying homage to them in a brand new television show (Stranger Things) even if the Netflix platform offers convenience unimaginable in the 1980s.


The synth fuelled sounds of the 80’s is filling the charts, music artists are taking influence from the era, bands including Arcade Fire, Tame Impala and La Roux releasing albums of songs that are becoming hits across the country reaching high in the charts and achieving radio play.


The Eighties Comeback is apparent in the fashion industry

Fashion week is well underway at the moment, showcasing the upcoming seasons hottest trends, and one of these is undoubtedly 80’s fashion. Topshop showcased their instantly shop-able runway pieces and they oozed 80’s fashion. Whether it’s the working girl head-to-toe hot pink, fuchsia looks that make us yearn for the warmer weather to hit us once more. The trends that are hitting us are undoubtedly emulating the ‘80s, whether it’s your daytime outfits or something a bit flashier for the night.


There’s no escape from this ‘80s comeback! They are hitting you in every aspect of your life, and if you want to get even more nostalgia in to your life why not incorporate this into the food that you’re eating? We all remember going to the corner shop as children and filling a pic ‘n’ mix bag full of our favourite sweets! And these are sweets that you can still get today. Whether it’s Wham Bars, Refresher Chews, Drumstick Lollies or Strawberry Bon Bons, or more?! These sweets are still enjoyed by all generations, and their popularity is shown by the amount of places we see sweet carts popping up! At family events including weddings, birthday parties, christenings, they are the perfect item to add a bit of fun into an event, as well as the all-important nostalgia!

Article Supplied by Retro Sweet.

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