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Face-Kini – Chinese Head Masks At The Beach

posted by Chris Valentine

The Chinese have discovered a new way to protect themselves from the sun when at the beach. It’s a head mask nicknamed the face-kini. It also comes with a full body suit for extra protection. Not only does the face-kini protect from the sun’s harmful rays, but it’s good at keeping critters away like jellyfish and insects. The decorated mask and body covering has been around for about 7 years but is only now being mass-produced. You can get one for cheap (about 20 yuan on average).


Blue and Pink Face-Kini

As you can see, the face-kini and accompanying body suit has turned into a fashion fad. Some of them are pretty outlandish. Personally, if we were that scared of UV rays and getting tans, we’d just stay home, but then again we’re not on the cutting edge of fashion.

Bizarre looking face-kini on Chinese beach

Chinese women wearing face-kinis

welcome to the planet of the face-kinis

Source: Want China Times

Face-Kini – Because Tanning Is For Peasants?

NPR talks about how the Chinese just have an aversion to tanning their skin. Whereas in Western cultures, a tan is desirable, in China it’s seen as related to “outdoor work and peasantry.” Pale skin, on the other hand, is a sign of success.

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