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Why You Need to Give CBD Oil to Your Dogs

posted by Chris Valentine

When it comes to cannabis, the world divides. Some agree that it brings a myriad of beautiful effects, while some go the other way. Still, more and more uses for it are rising as the years pass by. The latest one is its application for daily products.

Now, a lot of lifestyle products, including wellness merchandise, get infused with the herb. The latest trend is businesses utilizing them on pets. One of the items that are gaining traction is cbd oil for dogs. So, what is it?

What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is not the psychoactive trigger that gives people the high that they are looking for. Instead, it is the component of cannabis that delivers the calming sensation. Therefore, upon using it, it soothes the nerves while relieving pain.

Its effects are consistent. So, if a human uses CBD, he can feel relaxed and at ease. At the same time, CBD oil has the same effect on dogs. Nevertheless, it is non-toxic and safe for dogs.

For additional measure, ensure that the product is pesticide, fungicide, and solvent-free. If not, it might pose some dangers to your pets.

What Can It Do for Your Dogs?

Relieves Pain

A study by Cornell University revealed that CBD oil is especially helpful for an osteoarthritic dog. Canines get the same joint pain, arthritis, and mobility problems that happen to humans. With the help of cannabis, these pets will feel a lot better and more energetic after a few drops.

CBD contains anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that alleviate throbbing symptoms for dogs.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

CBD is considered an anxiolytic, a minor tranquilizer, one might say. It relieves the anxiety that dogs feel, which makes them uneasy. Gone are the days of endless howling and whining for the owners.

Minimizes Seizures

The same way as it does to humans, CBD helps treat epilepsy and seizure. Cannabis is a natural relaxant for both the mind and the body. Therefore, a few drops of oil can relieve your dogs from seizure. Also, if used daily, it can help minimize the number of seizure attacks that your pet may experience.

Stimulates the Appetite

One of the most common symptoms of any sickness in your dogs is the sudden loss of appetite. No matter what you give them, even their most favorite treat, your pet will leave it as is. Fortunately, CBD helps with a lot of digestive issues and helps your dog to regain energy and increase its appetite.

How to Buy CBD Oil For Dogs?

The recent rise of cannabis use for pets also gave birth to many CBD-based products. And not all products out there are the same. So, vigilance is the key to anyone who wishes to buy marijuana-based merchandise. Here are some things you might want to take note of:

Ensure that it is Organic

Since your pet will digest the liquid, ensure that the product is as chemical-free as possible. Call the company and ask if their products contain pesticides, fungicides, or even solvents for safer measures.

Avoid Price Shopping

Pure and high-quality CBD oil for dogs costs way higher than the others. Nevertheless, it is the safest option for you and your dogs.

Buy Oil, Not Treats

There are a lot of dog treats out there containing CBD. However, getting an accurate dosage is challenging. Therefore, if you can, always purchase CBD oil so you can adjust it accordingly.

Remember that each dog reacts differently to whatever you give to it. Thus, give your dog the lowest dosage possible and see how it handles it.

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