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5 Strangest Legal Cases Ever

posted by Chris Valentine

Stories about “frivolous lawsuits” and similar cases are often myths. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean there have never been certain legal cases that could at the very least be described as strange.

Consider the following examples. They’re among the most bizarre cases in the history of the legal profession:

Chambers v. God

In 2007, Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers wanted to remind citizens that they had the right to sue when they felt truly wronged. There had recently been some controversy in the state surrounding the idea of frivolous lawsuits, and Chambers felt it was important to reaffirm that citizens could take legal action against virtually any party if they felt justified in doing so.

Chambers decided to make his point in a fairly amusing way: by filing a lawsuit against God.

The case was (as Chambers likely expected to happen) dismissed. The court determined it was not possible to file a genuine suit against God due to the defendant’s lack of a listed home address.

This is actually not the only case of its type. Throughout history, others have also filed lawsuits against deities. As with Chambers v. God, they’ve usually done so in order to make a point of some kind.

Changing Legal Age

An aging Dutchman had a problem: his age was limiting his chances of attracting younger women on the dating app Tinder. His solution? Taking legal action in an attempt to change his official age. 

Naturally, his efforts were unsuccessful. A judge explained that allowing someone to change their legal age could have ramifications and consequences that were best left unexplored.

Man Sues (Somewhat) Rude Date

Many would agree that using one’s phone in a movie theater while others are attempting to enjoy the film on-screen is rude behavior. However, one man felt it was so egregious that it warranted legal action.

The 37-year-old man from Austin, Texas had been trying to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The problem was that he found it difficult to focus on the movie because his date was texting throughout it.

He responded by filing a lawsuit. Luckily, the case was resolved fairly easily. His date paid for his movie ticket, and the lawsuit was withdrawn.

Red Bull Doesn’t Give Wings

Red Bull’s famous “Red Bull gives you wings” marketing campaign may have been a tad misleading. At least, that’s how some customers felt. They filed a class action lawsuit against the company claiming the ads had given them reason to believe consuming Red Bull would energize them to a greater degree than it actually did.

This is an instance in which they may have had a point. Red Bull settled out of court, as the plaintiffs were able to demonstrate that the brand’s marketing campaign arguably overstated the effectiveness of its product.

Kidnapper Sues Hostages for Escaping

Jesse Dimmick was on the run from the law as a result of facing a murder charge. Instead of hiring a strong criminal defense lawyer, Dimmick felt the best course of action in these circumstances was to exacerbate his legal woes by kidnapping a Kansas couple.

According to Dimmick, he had an oral agreement with the couple that they would hide him from the law. Perhaps this is true. When a suspected murder is kidnapping you, you tend to tell them what they want to hear.

That said, when Dimmick was sleeping, the couple escaped. They later sued Dimmick. He countersued, claiming they had breached their oral contract. The case was dismissed.

Again, none of these are meant to suggest that frivolous lawsuits are actually as common as some think. They merely prove that, every now and then, bizarre cases arise.

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