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9 Men’s Issues Only Guys Will Understand

posted by Chris Valentine

In the world, about 50.4% of the population is made up of men.

Despite all the men in the world, there are still plenty of things that women don’t understand about them.

There are some things that only dudes get. Here are the men’s issues that guys get and other people might have a hard time truly knowing!

  1. On Their Own

While women have all kinds of resources and help available for them, men don’t really have that support.

There aren’t enough domestic abuse resources for men, and especially not for men with children. Abuse shouldn’t happen to anyone, and it’s bad no matter who is doing it.

However, it can be hard for men to get access to resources. There are even some people who believe that men can’t even be abused.

When men reach out for help whether it’s abuse or some other large issue, they often aren’t listened to and are just dismissed.

  1. Men Are Raped Too

Men can also be raped, despite many people thinking that they can’t be.

Many men don’t want to come forward and tell their stories because they are ashamed and worried about what society will think. They may even think that it was their fault. That maybe they should’ve stopped it somehow.

Just like abuse, rape can happen to anyone, and there are all different kinds of victims.

  1. Always Expected to Be in the Mood

Another problem is that men are always expected to be in the mood. Painted in a sexual, predator stereotype sometimes, many women assume that men are always ready to have sex no matter what.

Sometimes men feel forced to conform to that pressure even if they aren’t in the mood or don’t want to.

Some studies have shown that men don’t always have sex as a priority, and they focus more on things like family, job, and other responsibilities.

If you are still interested in sex and want to have a good time in the bedroom, this pill is a great option.

  1. Always Have to Make First Move

Many women also largely expect men to make the first move in relationships. They normally feel obligated to because women expect them too.

Women rarely ask men out because they think that it’s the man’s job to do it. Men normally don’t plan on being asked out, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to be.

Having to make the first move always comes with the fear of rejection as well. They have to stick themselves out on the line, and the sentiment may not be returned.

There’s really no good way to get around this. You’re going to have to make the first move whether you like it or not. The best way to deal with this is just to practice.

  1. Not Always Great at Emotions

Men normally aren’t great at showing their emotions either. Society tells men that they can’t express any emotions except anger, so they normally don’t know how to appropriately display them.

This is one men’s issue that needs to be addressed. Men are human beings too, and they can’t always be expected to act tough, strong, and stoic.

Opening up and slowly breaking down that stereotype will take time and work, but it needs to happen.

  1. Have Issues No One Seems to Care About

There are many issues that men struggle with that no one seems to care about.

A few of these things include divorce bias, alimony, child support, no reproductive rights, suicide, higher prison sentencing, custody bias, violence again them, and lack of resources.

They also struggle with a lack of equality in largely female-dominated fields, genital mutilation, struggles in school, the draft, objectification, lack of empowerment, disregard of life, sexual insults, and rape victims not being taken seriously.

Most men have to deal with these issues with little to no support behind them.

  1. More Dangerous

At the end of the day, being a man is also just more dangerous.

Men are expected to take more risks, and they can also be the victims of workplace mishaps. These could lead to dangerous injuries, which is sometimes why they are paid more.

Men work more dangerous jobs than women normally do.

  1. Face a Harsher Judicial System

They also face a harsher judicial system than women do.

If you look at the statistics between the conviction, sentencing, and arrest rates between men and women, they’re greater for men.

This issue rarely gets up, so men fall victim to the system.

  1. Face Domestic Abuse Too

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of men also face domestic abuse too. Men with children are even more susceptible.

Abuse shouldn’t happen to anyone, but it can be difficult for men to seek help. There is a stigma that surrounds male survivors. there needs to be more education and advocation for men in the system, but unfortunately, there isn’t enough.

That leaves men to fight for themselves, but when the judicial system is against them, it can make it difficult.

Discover More Men’s Issues Men Can Relate To

These are only a few of men’s issues that they struggle with that only men can understand.

There are many more issues out there, but they aren’t talked about as much. Let’s change the conversation and help men go through these difficult things.

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