Improving Your Mental Health: 10 Must-Try Mental Health Activities

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Nearly one in five Americans say they suffer from mental health problems.

From social anxiety that stops you from going outside to depression that makes you want to spend the day in bed, mental health comes in many shapes and sizes.

And yet, the solutions to improving your mental health are surprisingly the same. If you have always wondered which mental health activities could help you, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you eager to discover more? Check out the below blog post for our guide to things to do for mental health. Let’s get started!

1. Do Physical Activity Outdoors

You should be doing thirty minutes of physical activity or exercise every day. And yet, only one-quarter of Americans actually follow this advice.

If you find that when you get home from a busy day you simply curl up in a ball and watch the TV, you need to change some things.

When you don’t do physical activity, you don’t only put on weight and damage your health, you also increase your probability of developing a mental health disorder.

Remember, a healthy body is also a healthy mind. Whenever you start to feel down or anxious, simply going for a walk in the woods or a run in the park helps.

2. Practice Mindful Meditation

You may think that mindful meditation is for Buddhists and hippies. However, there is a growing number of experts who argue that everyone should practice it.

When depression hits, it’s usually because you’re forgetting to live in the moment. Remembering to focus on the present is important for keeping a healthy mind.

That’s why mindful mediation is so helpful. You’re simply concentrating on your breathing rather than your worries.

If you don’t like the idea of mindful meditation, there are other similar things you can do to get your head in the right mindset. This could include anything from a yoga class to sitting peacefully.

3. Visit a Mental Health Professional

If you decide that your mental health is too much for you to handle by yourself, you might decide that you want to visit a professional mental health expert.

From talking about your mental health condition and receiving advice from an expert, there are many ways getting help could be the answer.

You should get in touch with Susan Blackburn Psychology to discover more about the ways a psychologist could help you overcome your mental health problems.

4. Read to Enjoy Learning About Mental Health

Nearly a quarter of Americans haven’t read a book in the past year. If you’re not a reader, you may find it difficult to pick up a book to read.

And yet, many people find that enjoying learning about mental health can actually be a great activity to improve your state of mind.

There are tons of different books you could read to offer you amazing insights and useful guidance on coping with mental health challenges.

Just go to your local bookstore or library to check out what they have to offer you. Start your reading journey today!

5. Experiment With Healthy Cooking

Are you always eating junk food? Do you avoid green vegetables whenever possible?

You’ll probably wouldn’t think that this could affect your mental health. However, poor mental health problems are often caused by a poor diet.

Eating a lot of junk food has been linked with psychological distress. You need to rid yourself of your unhealthy eating habits and get creative in the kitchen.

Discover new healthy recipes packed with vegetables and whole grains to significantly improve what you’re putting in your body.

6. Surround Yourself With Friends and Family

Almost half of Americans say that they experience loneliness. We already know that loneliness is really damaging to our physical and mental health.

That’s why it’s so important to avoid trapping yourself inside on your own. You need to push yourself to get out with friends and family.

Remember, you can’t expect to be happy if you isolate yourself from other people. Make an effort to surround yourself with people if you want to overcome your depression.

7. Random Acts of Kindness

Many people develop problems with mental health.

But, this can sometimes be because they’re concentrating on themselves. When you’re thinking unhappy thoughts all of the time, you can forget to consider other people.

That’s why it can be helpful to focus on being kinder to strangers. Random acts of kindness can really boost your mental health.

Buy a coffee for a homeless person or give someone you don’t know a hug in the street, you’ll be amazed by the positive response you receive.

8. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, then you’re going to find that your mental health suffers.

If you drink too much alcohol or take drugs, don’t be surprised if you develop depression, anxiety or stress more frequently.

You need to avoid drinking too much alcohol and drugs. You’ll quickly notice improvements to your psychological mindset when you abstain from these substances.

9. Start Writing Down Your Feelings in a Journal

Did you know that people who journal are actually healthier than the rest of us? Science has proved it’s true!

You’ll find that jotting down your thoughts and feelings in a journal can improve your mood.

Whenever you find yourself getting down or worrying about anything, you can reach for your journal and get everything off your chest.

10. Make Sure You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Around one-third of Americans don’t enough sleep. If you need to get your nighttime shut-eye, you’ll quickly notice your mood worsens.

You need to discover ways to make sure you enjoy at least eight hours per night. This could include anything from drinking camomile tea to going to bed earlier.

More Mental Health Activities

Are you searching for more mental health activities to relieve your symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression? You have found what you’re looking for.

From experimenting with healthy cooking to going for a walk in the park, there are a bunch of healthy ways to improve your mental health.

Are you eager to find out more mental health tips? Check out our website for much more!

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