How to Learn the Foundations of a Language in a Month

posted by Chris Valentine

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Almost 40% of couples meet online these days, bridging gaps between countries. Sooner or later, it’ll be time to meet your partner, but going to a foreign country is often overwhelming, no matter the reason for the visit.

One of the best ways to feel more comfortable is to learn the language. If you’ve only got a few weeks, you need a surefire way to learn the basics.

This is one example of many that could require you to learn a new language quickly. Perhaps you have a trip coming up, or you’re about to study abroad for a semester.

Listed below are many tips on how to learn a language in a month to get you ready for any kind of foreign vacation!

Immerse Yourself in Your Target Language

It’s good to set aside time to practice every day, but to get the most out of your language studies, you need to immerse yourself.

Put your target language into as many aspects of your life as you can so that you’re exposed to it at every turn.

Instead of listening to your favorite music, find some tunes in your target language to play while you’re working out. Listen to a podcast in that language on your way to work. Even set your phone and computer to your target language to force yourself to learn it.

Find small ways to incorporate the language into your life to reap big benefits.

Practice the Right Words

With such a short time before visiting a foreign country, you need to focus on the right kind of words. Putting energy into words you’ll never use is a waste of time when you only have a month to study.

Think about all of the words you use in a regular conversation. Many of them repeat, and those are the ones you want to focus on during your studies.

Many language resources come with big lists of the most common words, so add those into your vocabulary bank as well.

Find Native Speakers

The best way to practice speaking your target language is to do so with native speakers. With resources such as Skype and Discord, it’s far easier to find language learning communities than ever before.

Talk about how your day went. Talk about how you and your partner found the best wedding bands. Talk about anything and everything until it feels more comfortable to string those new words together.

This kind of practice is invaluable when you’re first starting. Constructing sentences is often the hardest part of learning a new language. By forcing yourself into this situation now, you’ll find it less intimidating once you’re in a foreign country.

The Secret of How to Learn a Language in a Month Is Dedication

By following these three steps, you now know how to learn a language in a month. This foundation is the strongest base for you to learn everything you need to know to hold a conversation.

The best way to continue with your target language is to push yourself to learn new things and repeat the old things you’ve already learned. Over time, you’ll build up your knowledge until it becomes second nature. Before you know it, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with all kinds of conversations.

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