How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Power Pack

posted by Chris Valentine

The purchase of hydraulic power packs is something that needs to be done cautiously. They are a critical component in doing various tasks such as waste compaction, baling, truck and trailer tipping, direct and scissor lifting, step lifting, and manual lowering valves. Accidents can happen if they fail. That’s why it’s imperative to choose the unit you get carefully.

Whether it’s a standard or mini power pack, you need to make sure that the hydraulic power pack you buy is reliable. You have to examine your options prudently. Consider the following pointers as a guide.

Ascertain reliability

Ensure that the equipment you are getting is reliable. Never compromise on quality just to chase a lower price. Price should be the last on your list of priorities. There’s nothing wrong with looking for the least expensive option, but it should not be at the expense of the dependability of the power pack you are getting.

The quality of a product is not something you can determine by mere inspection. You have to go over reviews and ask for feedback on the brands you are considering. Make sure, however, that the reviews and ratings you are reading are trustworthy. Don’t fall for the reviews posted online that are just part of a marketing campaign to promote a certain brand. Use reviews and rankings provided by sites that have been online for a long time.

Make sure it suits the purpose you have in mind

There are different uses for hydraulic power packs. They are used in industrial and marine applications depending on their size and power. Standard units are suitable for a wide range of applications including launch recovery systems, balers and compactors, punching machines, injection moulding, agricultural processing, as well as marine testing and drilling rigs. Mini units are applicable in settings that require less power such as plant trailers, step lifts, and pressure compensated flow inserts. Micro units, on the other hand, are mostly for personal applications such as wheelchair and mobility lifting, floor lifting, and door opening or barrier control.

You may not have a problem choosing between a micro and a standard unit, but it may not be as easy to select the right unit between micro and mini as well as between mini and standard. You have to evaluate your needs. A mini power pack may already be enough for purposes which you think a standard unit is needed. It will be inefficient to get a standard unit when a mini already suffices. If you are not sure which option you should get, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the sellers or dealers. They are most likely knowledgeable enough to provide the guidance you need.

Choosing the right hydraulic power pack means selecting the reliable unit that suits your needs. It sounds simple, but you have to be careful with how you scrutinise your options. If you don’t think you have the competence to examine the quality and technical specifications of the units, ask for assistance from those in the know.

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