Get Cloud Covered: How to Build the Ultimate Vape Cloud Setup

posted by Chris Valentine

The tornado. The Dragon. The waterfall. These may sound like the plot of a sci-fi novel but these are just some of the cool vaping stunts you can do once you know how to cloud chase.

Cloud chasing also called stunt vaping is the act of personalizing your vape pen to blow huge clouds of vapor. But how do you personalize your vape pen? And is it safe?

Whether you’re interested in setting the world record for largest vape cloud or just looking to impress some vaping friends. We’ve created the perfect guide to safely set up your vape and chase clouds like a pro.

Get Your Vape Setup Right

The vape pen you should use typically called a mod. Some good mods to start with are Kangertech Five 6 AKD Starter Kit which is used by cloud chasing experts. This is on the pricier side and takes 5 batteries. Some other high-end options are Therion DNA75C and Triade DNA250.

Once you get more experienced you can experiment with mechanical mods which are more customizable.

Picking the Right Battery

The most important safety step you can take is choosing the right battery. The battery can help regulate temperature

The kind of battery you’ll need will depend on the type of mod your using. If you’re using a regulated box mod you can change the voltage. If you’re using a more basic vape pen it’s most likely going to be fixed wattage.

Typically variable wattage provides the best cloud chasing builds.

The best option for temperature control vape batteries is the 18650 battery. These are referred to as sum ohm batteries and they allow you to increase the output on devices with a fixed voltage. These batteries are made of a lithium-ion and are the most common cells for vape pens.

The battery works well for temperature control mods which are used in cloud chasing builds.

Your vape should take at least two 18605 batteries. You should also remember that the brands often determine quality. Some of the best brands to choose are AW, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung.

Set Up Your Airflow

The greatest cloud chasing builds usually include lots of airflow over the coils. This is because the more airflow you have over the coils the cooler you can keep your mod. This allows the liquid to rapidly cool leading to more vapor.

Become a Vape Cloud Champion

With vaping gaining more worldwide acceptance there are professional organizations holding vaping competitions. Now vaping clouds has gone from silly fun to serious sport.

These competitions can offer prizes of thousands of dollars or free gear.

Blow Big Clouds but Be Careful

You might be thinking “how can simply making clouds be dangerous?” The answer is simple overheating. This can lead to your mod breaking or burns.

There are also health risks to cloud chasing like inflammation of the mouth and lungs. This is especially true for vape liquids that contain formaldehyde. This chemical can lead to cancer and can bother the skin.

E-cigarettes involve exhaling out an aerosol contain tiny particles that can irritate the lungs.

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