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Vaping and the World: How Vape is Gaining Acceptance From Around the World

posted by Chris Valentine

E-cigarettes are commonly used today as a way of easing the transition from traditional cigarettes. Vape users think that they are alone in this practice, but the fact is that the number of vape users keeps on increasing in the world. One of the reasons as a vape user you may feel lonely is due to the habit of socializing with other smokers since there is always another smoker around but in this practice, you don’t have the advantage of having another smoker around.

Luckily, nowadays vaping had become popular and if you vape you already belong to an exclusive and international club. The number of e-cigarette users is increasing, and the number of users is yet to be determined. However, we aim at finding out the figure of vape users, and since it’s a new market, user research is very undeveloped. Luckily, a ton of excellent sources provides recent vape statistics, which, makes it possible to give an estimate of the number of cape users. The article shall present various discoveries on the number of vape users in different parts, which will showcase the rate at which vaping is gaining acceptance worldwide.

The Number of Vape Users in the World

It is fascinating to find out that you are not the only vape user in the world. CDC findings indicate that in the US approximately 9 million people use vape. Other results by Euromonitor International, points out that the US vape users make 43% of the total world users worldwide. However, presenting the exact number of users is difficult as some of the restrictions in other countries are continually changing, altering the number of users. However from the statistics that we able to obtain 20.8 million people use e-cigarettes in the world but the numbers will continue to increase.

New users can visit the to acquire more information on vaping. Having in mind according to statistics the number of users will increase as vaping is less harmful than traditional smoking and enables users to stop smoking altogether. Hence to acquire more information on the same the site will be helpful. However, it is still crucial as a vape user to learn about the numbers to avoid feeling lonely in the practice.

The Number of Vape Users in Different Parts of the Globe Every country has its laws on vaping, and the regulations in a country interfere with the number of users. Find out the numbers of vape users in the different countries globally.AsiaAsia generally has many residents, which makes it understandable as to why it has many vape users on the continent. However, this may be because the government is yet to provide any restrictions on vaping and e-cigarette products.

Though, currently, the numbers may decrease since the government is planning to come up with regulations that restrict the use of vape.


Notably, China has very few vape users, even though it distributes vape devices to other countries in the world.


The country has only a few people using e-cigarettes, but the rate of growth of new users is rapidly increasing. Notably, this indicates that shortly the number of users will increase by passing the users in other countries.


One of the Korean manufacturers revealed that in South Korea vape users are approximately 1 million.

United States

Notably, this country has approximately 9 million vape users. However, the vaping laws in the US vary depending on the state. Almost $ 3.7 billion is used per year on similar products, and according to CDC, nearly 3.7% of the adults in the country use e-cigarettes virtually on a daily basis. However, electronic cigarettes products are regulated since they are tobacco products.


The number of vape users is increasing tremendously since according to Waterloo University the users are estimated to be around 308,000 and 946,000 people. Their research also indicated that 946,000 people had used an e-cigarette within a month while 308,000 had used a vaping device. However, the state has a few restrictions to vaping based on the different provinces, but some regions have no restrictions at all.


The country has exceptionally complex vaping laws making it even tough to identify the number of vape users in the country. However the state has allowed vape users to enjoy but the regulations made are strict to the sellers, traders, distributors, and promotion of vaping and e-cigarette products.


The vaping market is vast. However, some of its countries drive the market. For instance, in the United Kingdom around 2.8 million people are using vape an increase from the previously 700,00 vape users in 2012. The vape market is rapidly increasing as statistics indicates that more people are purchasing e-cigarettes. Russia The first vape shop was opened in 2014, and currently the country has over 500 shops. Notably, this indicates that vape users in the country are increasing and according to statistics the state has more than 1.5 million users.


Germany has over 2 million users, and the recent trends indicate that number will increase vastly shortly.


According to Frances Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction around 9.2 million people have used e-cigarettes at some point in their life.


In 2016 the number of vape users increased and the country is estimated to have approximately 2.3 million users. Additionally, almost one million people use an e-cigarette on a daily basis.


The amount of money spent on vape as a product is high, this indicates that the product has many users. Almost 1.5 million people are using a vape in the country.

Other Parts

In other parts of the world like Africa the number of vape users is unclear, however vape users exist, but the total seems to be minimal.However, in South Africa, the number of vape users is approximately 200,000 people. The users in South Africa are less since the government has provided a lot of restrictions concerning vaping. Similarly, Brazil and Argentina have strict regulations concerning e-cigarettes making the number of users to be less. About strict regulations, Uruguay has prohibited the sale of vaping devices to ensure that people in that country do have access to such devices. Generally, if the laws of a state do not favor the use of e-cigarettes then they will be no users or the number will be extremely minimal.


Notably, it is almost impossible to have an exact number on the number of people using vape. However, it is factual that many people universally are vaping. Vaping is rapidly gaining acceptance around the world, and most of the laws are linen on vape users. The findings presented indicate that the industry is doing great and will continue to expand shortly

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