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CBD: How it Works and How Long Does it Take to Kick in?

posted by Chris Valentine

If you listen to past generations, you will know that a certain stigma continues to follow any mention of marijuana or cannabis. However, very little was known about the plant back then and recent changes to legislation have enabled the use of CBD oil to become increasingly common.

But how does CBD work and how long does it take to kick in?

In this article we take a look at what you should know, how it might feel and what you can expect from using any CBD related products. After all, in order to know how CBD works, it’s important to understand how it works and why so many people want to use CBD in the first place.

What You Should Know About CBD Oil

According to CTC, cannabis comes in two main varieties – marijuana and hemp. What’s more, each variety contains one of several hundred components known as “cannabinoids” such as THC and CBD.

Marijuana contains a psychoactive component known as “THC” and just a small amount of CBD. Meanwhile, hemp has a large amount of CBD and just a small dose of THC – hence the great difference between these two.

Now, that’s not to say THC does not offer any medicinal benefits, for this cannabinoid can help protect brain cells, improve sleep and provide relief related to pain or even tumors. In fact, micro dosage of THC can provide such benefits without the person becoming inebriated or intoxicated.

However, maybe you don’t want to take a chance and feel uneasy about THC?

Well, that’s where CBD comes into the conversation.

Why CBD Oil is Different than other Cannabinoids

You see, CBD is a hemp plant that offers many medicinal benefits and does not cause the person to become high or intoxicated. It’s true, there is precisely zero effect in terms of intoxication and just as much benefit in terms of the impact this cannabinoid can have on the person’s mind or body.

As if that’s not enough, recent studies show that CBD provides more healing qualities than THC which is yet another reason for the popularity of CBD oil in recent years.

And why might someone want to use CBD oil in the first place?

Why People Might Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is known to provide many benefits for physical and mental health. While every instance is different and careful usage is needed, these benefits are widely accepted by medical professionals.

Here are just a few of the reasons why CBD oil is so popular:

Anxiety – CBD oil is proven to reduce anxiety by activating receptors in the brain that combat any anxious feelings.

Sleep – CBD oil can greatly enhance the quality of sleep. More specifically, CBD oil helps calm the mind so that you can fall asleep faster and without any thoughts racing through your mind.

Swelling – Maybe you experience some kind of inflammation? CBD oil is often used by athletes after exercise and this product can help reduce inflammation and relief any associated pains.

Chronic Pain Chronic pain is an awful affliction and many people now depend on CBD oil to help relief this relentless pain. In fact, CBD oil can help the body to function again in extreme instances.

Needless to say, these are just a few of the most common benefits associated with CBD oil.

Now, let’s consider what you can expect to “feel” when using CBD oil.

How it Might Feel for the Person Using CBD

As already mentioned, CBD does not come with the side effects associated with THC or other cannabinoids. For this reason, CBD can simply feel similar to a “runners high” as the process usually produces endorphins that can help lift your mood in a most natural way. Also, many users claim that CBD provides a greater sense of awareness and helps when it comes to concentration and focus.

While the effects of CBD start to subside as the hours pass, many people notice that prolonged use can improve the quality of their life in the long run. For instance, anxiety levels can seem to dissipate over time and only return to previous levels when the person stops taking the CBD oil.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Kick In?

As for how long it takes for CBD to kick in, it depends on how much you take and the form in which you take it. For instance, when taken directly under the tongue, CBD can work in as little as five minutes. Meanwhile, CBD in coffee or juice might take up to thirty minutes until it starts to kick in.

It’s true, the time it takes for CBD to kick in will depend on various factors and every individual will likely encounter a slightly different experience. However, studies and reports have shown that CBD will certainly have an impact over time and provide a reliable sense of relief for the person using it.

In fact, some experts even recommend CBD as a supplement and suggest that the individual will only fully realize the impact or benefits of CBD after a number of weeks. When it comes to pain, anxiety and stress; this will also come as music to the ears of those who have suffered the same in silence.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is often the subject of interest but also a common concern due to lack of education. In other words, those who fear the effects of CBD are most often unaware that there is no intoxication involved. At the same time, you must consult a professional to take advantage of such medicinal benefits and as with everything in life, careful usage is recommended to get the most from CBD oil.

This article was written by Julian Gnatenco with JGBilling

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