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Progressive spine and orthopedics, Spine surgery practice in New Jersey is the leading provider of spine surgery diagnosis and its treatment situated in New Jersey. Our medical services are spearheaded by board certified orthopedic and spine surgeon, Dr. Joshua Rovner, who is considered as the best spine surgeon in New Jersey. Our center specializes in diagnosing the source of neck and back pain and achieving relief through minimally-invasive surgery so that our customers can enjoy their lives actively and freely. With our highly qualified team of doctors and cutting edge medical equipment’s, we ensure that the pain of our customers could be easily eliminated.

Generally, we have observed that despite maintaining an active lifestyle, at some point in life, we get prey to back pain and neck pain and consequently the effects of pain stop us from our ability to work. To get rid of this we get treatment and most of them are conservative and conventional but in our center, we have adopted a new method of spine surgery also known as robotic spine surgery which makes spine surgery more precise, less invasive and safer.

Common spinal conditions

  • General back pain
  • Spondylosis
  • Mylopathy
  • Neck pain
  • Kyphosis

Among the above-mentioned conditions, general back pain is most common and if overlooked then it may have serious consequences so it is always mentioned by our doctors to have proactive treatment to this medical condition.

When to seek treatment?

As said by Dr Rovner spine surgery practice New Jersey module, like every disease, general back pain has also got certain symptoms to look for and some of them are

  • Pain lasting for more than six weeks
  • Numbness and weakness in your legs
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Sudden pain without any cause

If there is a sign of any of the above mentioned symptoms then it becomes the reason to seek medical attention from our specialists. Make sure when you come for treatment Dr. Rovner will ask certain focused questions on your pain like how long the pain last, what triggers your symptoms and other information that seems relevant.

Method of Diagnosis

At progressive spine and orthopedics and according to spine surgery practice in New Jersey module there is a unique and organized diagnosis procedure followed. Dr Rovner will review your medical history, like, what all tests were performed earlier, if any, then you will have to bring the reports of X ray, MRI, CT scan, etc. we will also conduct a physical exam in which, cause of the symptoms will be identified. Our doctors will provide a detailed analysis of any spinal conditions you are undergoing including risks and benefits. Our doctors will suggest the best treatment for any pain and it could include from physical therapy to spinal surgery. However, Dr. Rovner will usually recommend spinal surgery if conventional methods have failed.

Robotic spinal surgery

It is defined as the form of minimally invasive spine surgery that combines surgeon understanding of anatomy with X RAY imaging to treat spine conditions using small incisions. Further, it reduces the extent of incisions or cuts through the human body and with the help of robotic arm implants are done therefore giving live feedback during the procedure and giving a high level of precision.

In recent years there have been numerous developments in the field of medical science but none is greater than robotic spinal surgery and it has become the epitome of precision. Though there are various risks involved robotic spinal surgery is much safer than traditional spinal surgery. It can make precision accuracy up to 1mm. It not only reduces the risk of misplacement but reduces pain to the patient. It also reduces post-surgery complications. On the whole robotic spinal surgery increases the rate of screw placement up to 98 percent.


Various advantages are offered by robotic spine surgery and some of them are:

  • Increase precision in placement of the screw
  • Permanent nerve damage gets reduced
  • Post-surgery complications are minimal
  • Recovery time is faster
  • Reduces exposure to x rays after repeating of rays

Preparing for spine surgery

While undergoing surgery one has to prepare himself mentally and physically so that the patient is able to recover quickly and without any complications. It is mandatory in Dr. Rovner clinic to apprise doctors of any medications you take. It is also important to discuss options for any potential treatments that may interfere with the surgery. If you are overweight then it is required you to lose your weight prior to surgery. Discuss your diet plans with a doctor as irregular diets may cause post-surgery complications. Try to eat multivitamins prior to surgery.

Some medications like Brufen, aspirin may cause bleeding so it is advised to stop using this before surgery. It is also important to inform the doctor about any infections prevailing in your body as surgery is avoided until the infections are not cleared.

Conditions treated with robotic surgery

  • Low back pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Degenerative Scoliosis

There are certain differences between robotic spine surgery and the traditional method of surgery.

In robotic surgery, computer controlled robot assists the surgeon whereas in traditional surgery deep incision is made to allow the surgeon to view and access the anatomy of the patient.

In robotic surgery because of the robotic arm and use of technology high precision is observed with safe minimal incisions whereas in traditional surgery less precision is seen as there is no use of technology and it may turn dangerous because conventional methods are used to look the anatomy.

Robotic surgery takes less time whereas traditional surgery is time-consuming as the stitching of cuts takes time because the whole body is opened and slowly the body of the patient is closed.

Traditional spinal fusions deal with only a low level of back pain and instability of spine or scoliosis whereas robotic spine surgery deals with a variety of spinal pains and instabilities thereby covering all spinal issues in one go.

So, in case of any of the above spinal issues one must look for the best Spine surgery practice in New Jersey

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