How to Create a Hygge Style at Home

posted by Chris Valentine

Have you ever wondered how the Scandinavians cope with those long nights and brutal winters? If yes, we might have the secret.

If the Hygge way of life is half as effective as we’ve heard, it could be the reason they’re able to endure that harsh weather and still get ranked as the happiest countries in the world. This is how they pull through those long, cold, dreary, unending winter nights.

And they’ve managed to incorporate it into their interior decor. The hygge style is a Danish oriented interior decor and lifestyle that emphasizes finding joy in everything.

The good news is that these decor ideas are transferable. You can have a hygge style interior decor wherever you’re located. All you need is to apply the same concepts.

How can you do this?

Make Your Space Cozy

The idea of the hygge is to bring some calm and tranquility into one’s life. One of the ways to do this is by making your home, apartment, condo, and space very cozy. Comfort and coziness are two key components of the hygge style.

So, get some plush rugs, soft pillows, comfortable furniture, and anything that will make your home feel cozy and warm. Also, add some flowers, books and magazines, comfy wall art, and fluffy slippers.

If you have framed pictures of your loved ones, include them too. It’s all part of the hygge style of decor. Creating a cozy and warm space does wonders for your interior decor and brings some cheerfulness to your home.

While this may seem a bit much, the truth is it’s actually quite affordable. Some folks have been able to achieve a hygge style interior with offers from places like Dealwiki.net. In fact, some have successfully done this with a $200 budget.

Choose Neutral Colors

Garish and excessively bright colors are a no-no. You need calming, neutral colors. These are great for bringing a sense of harmony and peace to your home.

The best relaxing spaces often have a neutral palette that serves to complement other components in the home. Colors like off-white, light gray, cream, sky blue, and brown work great.

These are generally subdued colors, and feel that way too. This is important because hygge places a lot of emphasis on how a space feels more than how it looks.

Create Warm Radiance Using Candles

Candles are an integral part of the hygge style. In fact, if you ask the average Dane, they’ll tell you that it’s synonymous with candles. This is because candles and lighting bring warmth to your home.

Hygge encourages a lot of natural lighting. In the absence of that, candles will suffice. Alternative lighting sources that are just as soothing are equally important to the process.

Is that All on the Hygge Style of Interior Decor?

There’s a lot more, but the aforementioned hygge style tips should get you started. If you want more, you should use the fireplace as a centerpiece in your home.

It serves as a source of warmth, light, and connection between family and friends. For more trendy interior decor tips, check out the articles on Odd Culture.

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