Do I need a Water Mitigation Technician?

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s common for homes to face water damage due to flooding, leaking water hoses, and burst pipes. In such cases, a previously warm and comfortable home can be messy with furniture soaked and valuable damaged, some beyond repair. A water mitigation technician works alongside a water damage mitigation team to remove and dry as much water as possible from a customer’s home, salvaging their possessions. With the help of a combination of drying equipment, a water mitigation technician uses their skills to mitigate water damage in workplaces and residential places. There are some aspects of this unfortunate situation you can handle yourself when dealing with residential water damage. However, you will need professional assistance for restoration services.

Water mitigation technicians are expertly trained and understand the various types of water damage, including damage from sewerage water, black water, and gray water. With their expertise, a technician can determine the severity of water damage in a home, such as damage that affects a few rooms and damage that extends to ceilings, walls, floors, and insulation.

Who to Call if Experiencing Water Damage?

Loss of valuable and damage of property are the top three most rampantly filed insurance claims in the country. If experiencing water damage, time is of the essence. Contacting a professional water mitigation company is the best way to protect personal property if water damage has occurred. The key to mitigating and monitoring serious damages and preventing hefty repair and restoration costs is by choosing an experienced company, equipped with highly-skilled professionals. For Orlando and neighboring residents, SERVPRO Orlando is an excellent choice for a water restoration company.

Some might find a DIY approach to water mitigation as an affordable option, but without the right skills and equipment, the property might be severely damaged, making repair an expensive venture. With SERVPRO Orlando water mitigation professionals, a water damaged home can be easily mitigated. The professionals can also find larger water issues and mitigate them before further damage. Often, water damage needs complicated processes that are not DYI, such as removing sewage and mold and applying antimicrobial products. Anyone who attempts to mitigate water damage puts their home, well-being, and health at risk.

When to Contact a Water Mitigation Company

Several signs indicate that a home needs water mitigation services immediately, such as having a burst pipe or a flooded home. Other signs related to water damage include wall damage, where the wall seems swollen, indicating soaked water that can n damage the wall. Wall bubbling, paint peeling, and cracking are signs that water has damaged the wall. Floor damage is a common sign of water damage, such as grouted tiles being loose or laminate floor buckling. At this point, it is critical to call a trusted water mitigation company like SERVPRO Orlando to salvage your property before further damage. Mold or Musty odors indicate water damage, and a homeowner should contact a water mitigation technician at first sight of mold.

Note that mold spreads fast, and if left untreated, a home can experience serious mold issues. The longer water stays in the property, the greater the damage, and the more the repair costs, which makes it crucial to immediately call for mitigation services. Don’t procrastinate to call a technician for water mitigation service because water can be easily exposed to electricity, causing serious life-threatening injuries. In the case where one suspects the exposure of water to electricity, leave the structure immediately.

Apart from removing water and drying damp areas, a water mitigation specialist advises a customer of any repairs or reconstructions that should be done to preserve the integrity of a property. Unlike a DYI approach, an experienced water mitigation technician addresses the water damage from its source to ascertain that there is no water left to cause damage.

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