The Hallway – It’s All About First Impressions!

posted by Chris Valentine

If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous, spacious hallway then read on! The hallway in most cases, is where your home makes its first impression so it’s important that you get it right! But how do we make the all-important grand first impression to wow ours guests? A good place to start is the floor, so let’s look at some of our favourites!

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic fancy look or something more minimal and understated, then wood flooring will do the job perfectly. Coming in so many different patterns, finishes and colours, there’s bound to be something that will suit you!

Not only is style very important with your hallway, but durability is too. The hallway is probably the most highly used tool in the home, with everyone leaving and arriving in your home walking through it. It will also come into contact with lots of outdoor shoes, dirt and debris. However, the good news is that wood flooring is the most durable flooring choice available on the market, often lasting a lifetime if cared for properly. So this is just one of the reasons we think it’s the
best choice for the hallway!


A real classic gem, parquet wood flooring is the royalty of the flooring world. Although it is often associated with outdated interiors and grand houses, it’s made an incredible come back in recent years and if style and fashion is important to you, then this is a faultless choice.

Parquet is often chosen in the hallway to give a luxurious and tasteful feel – you can choose between a characterful honey oak to a rich walnut brown. This intricate pattern beautifully complements a larger space like the hallway too.

Parquets’s good looks are also beneficial from a practical point of view too. The interesting pattern is good at disguising dirt, debris and scratches which do come into contact with your flooring. The planks often very in terms of colour too, perfect for camouflaging stains!

Wood Flooring

Even though we would always say when choosing a new floor for your hallway parquet is best, all wood flooring will give you that luxurious premise you’ve been craving. Once you’ve decided that wood flooring is for you, then you’ll need to decide as to whether you’re going to go for solid or engineered wood. The main difference between the two is that solid cannot cope with under-floor heating whereas engineered can. This is something we are seeing more and more of in our homes, so it’s worth getting on the trend as it will help with the selling value of your home when it is time to move on!

There’s also an array of species, grades and finishes available that you can customize to your heart’s content! You can go for a glossy lacquered finish, to a more subtle brushed oil look.

Of course, it’s all up to you! We’d certainly say that treating yourself to wood flooring in your hallway is a good option, as it’s not always appropriate in other rooms.

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