4 Contemporary Interior Designs That Would Make You Want to Renovate Your Home

posted by Chris Valentine

Along with security, comfort, features, and overall esthetic appeal, your home’s interior design is among the most important aspects that determine its value. The look and feel of your home can never be overlooked. However, a home can get boring over time, especially when certain elements start deteriorating or becoming too monotonous, perhaps even a bit “boring” so to speak. It is not uncommon for homeowners.

The contemporary style is one of the most favored interior design options today. As a matter of fact, it has been around for many years and involves the use of neutral and bold colors along with defined textures and patterns of art to create a clean, striking, and visually appealing décor. It involves playing with colors, interior structures, furniture pieces, lighting, and treatments to bring out a bold, dark, yet soft look to the room. Before we get to the 4 contemporary interior designs that would make you want to renovate, here are some elements of contemporary interior design you should learn.

Important elements of contemporary interior design


In most cases, contemporary interiors design styles concentrate more on neutral colors such as white, gray, and cream, as well as darker colors such as tan, taupe, black, and brown. Most of these colors will be found on the walls, pieces of art, and even fabrics such as floor rugs. Especially for the walls, some interior design experts also recommend mixing these neutrals with some bit of bold colors such as red, deep blue, or forest green, but ensure that you do it sparingly.

Furniture (and electronics)

In contemporary interior design, furniture pieces reveal less curvature, with smooth surfaces and slim silhouettes that aren’t dainty. The look comes out best with furniture that is made from lighter woods such as birch and maple such as the beautiful recliners which you can find at europeanleathergallery.com/stressless-furniture/stressless-recliners/. Glass (clear or frosted) stainless steel, chrome, and nickel furniture can also do the trick. The home equipment and electronics you choose, and where you place/install them will also affect your overall interior design, along with performance, convenience. For instance, Tom Jenkins from Kino AV explains that wiring your theater room the right way can make all the difference to create an immersive home theater experience. But you’ll still want to go with the structural designs, colors, and patterns that are in harmony with the rest of your interior décor when picking, especially after renovation.


This interior design style also does great with some bit of texture from natural fabric materials such as cotton, silk, and linen. Nonetheless, you’re at liberty to introduce geometric patterns and bold colors using pillows, rugs, and drapes into your design.


Contemporary interiors also use lighting as a primary source to add an artistic touch into the design. You can use floor lamps, hanging lights, pendants, recessed lights, and table lamps that have a sleek finish, paying attention to color and brightness. Light shades can also be used to add some color.

The above are just but some of the most basic elements featured in a contemporary interior. With this in mind, here are some 4 contemporary styles that will get you tempted to renovate your home’s interior design.

Contemporary design ideas that will tempt you to renovate

1. Hopewell’s Classic Black & White Stripes

As you can see from this one, the mix of neutrals, soft, and bold colors gives the living room a strikingly appealing look that will get you tempted.

2. Gentleman’s Office Stylish Symmetry (courtesy of AJI)

This one is a super-fine balance of symmetry, texture, and color, not forgetting the unique appeal created by the office-like features. Any guest will undoubtedly appreciate this look, plus it will get your home’s value skyrocketing.

3. The Modern Villa Style (courtesy of FAB Architecture)

Look at how the balance between tan, soft white, gray, cream, and other colors creates a visually striking appearance. Pay attention to the silhouettes, textures, and patterns created by the furniture and fabric. This is the definition of inspirations that will get you renovating sooner than you probably planned to.

4. Smooth Flowing Curvature (courtesy of AJI)

An amazing contemporary design than any homeowner could find inspiring when looking for kitchen renovation ideas.

And there you have it! Whether you’re looking for interior design renovation ideas or you’re just seeking inspiration, the above pointers can come in handy. Spoiler alert; some of them might even want to renovate your home so badly.

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