Moving and Want to Sell Furniture? 3 Things to Do With Your Furniture When You Move

posted by Chris Valentine

Each year, about 15.3 million households move in America. This means packing up an entire family’s belongings. Everything in the home gets put into boxes and transported to a new location.

One of the biggest and hardest things to move is furniture. For many, it’s cheaper to leave the furniture behind and get new items at the new home’s location.

If you’re moving and want to sell furniture, use this guide to consider your other options.

1. Sell It

This is the most desirable way of getting rid of your old furniture. Not only do you get rid of it, but you make some cash. You could try having a garage sale. Be sure to advertise that you’re hosting one, so people know to come.

Another option is to list your items on listing websites. This includes places like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, or eBay. Be sure to specify if they are local pick up only.

2. Donate It

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your furniture, you can take it to a local charity and donate it. Habitat for Humanity will happily take furniture. They may even come and pick it up for you.

Charities will only take furniture that’s in good shape. If it has significant damage, you may find them rejecting your donation.

If your donation does get accepted, ask for a receipt. You can then claim this donation value on your taxes next year.

3. Throw It Away

Has your furniture reached the end of its useful life? It’s not worth bringing with you, and no one else would want it.

Then the best option is to have it thrown away. You can browse this site to learn about rubbish removal.

These services will take everything and offer same day service. This is great because you can wait until the last minute to call them. You could try to sell the junk furniture, and if no one wants it, have it hauled away.

They’ll remove all kinds of furniture, including couches, sofas, lounges, sofa beds, recliners, and rocking chairs. The best part is that they carry it for you, so no heavy lifting.

Look for a responsible rubbish removal company. Ask if they evaluate the picked up furniture and take it to the appropriate location. This will lower the negative impact it has on the environment and keeps landfill contributions down.

Are You Moving and Want to Sell Furniture?

If you’re moving and want to sell furniture, this is definitely a viable option. But it doesn’t always work out so easily. If you can’t find anyone willing to buy your old furniture, then you’ll want to consider donating it or throwing it away.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to plan far enough in advance. Selling your furniture can take a day or several weeks.

Donating it may require you to make an appointment. Rubbish removal is the fastest and can sometimes happen the same day you contact them.

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