Best Ways To Keep Your Mind Nimble on Lockdown

posted by Chris Valentine

Living life indoors had many challenges but it also came with some pleasant surprises. People spent more time together, dusty books finally got cracked open, and people began looking for more ways to strengthen their minds and keep sharp. In this article, I will be sharing my top picks to stay keen and have fun even if you are stuck inside.

Let’s jump in.

#1: Playing Online Solitaire

If you love a challenging computer game then jump over to Solitaire Bliss. They literally have so many fun options to start with from plain Solitaire to the challenging Forty Thieves. This game is played directly on Solitaire Bliss with a fifty-two card deck, although only forty cards are dealt on the tableau, hence the name.

If you love a game that focused on problem-solving this is your game. Here are some few strategic tips to help you get started.

  1. Get your Aces into foundations
  2. Plan all of your moves carefully
  3. Make sure you get your Kings and Aces out as well
  4. Try to vacate as many columns as possible

By doing all of the above you have a higher chance of beating this hard game. Check out more on Solitaire Bliss!

#2: Learn a Language

During the pandemic, statistics show that the people who chose to use the time to cross off items on their bucket list stayed more positive and avoided emotional eating and mood swings. Learning a language is a great way to challenge yourself and will inspire you to take a holiday (once we all can) to test out your new vocabulary.

There are so many great sites to check out but I like the easy apps like DuoLingo or the fun YouTubers who learned really challenging languages with a pen, paper, and a lot of motivation. Here are some tips when learning a language.

  • Immersion is more helpful than definitions
  • Choose a language that is closely related to the one you know or have studied in the past
  • Listen to music and watch films in the native language
  • Find a pen pal to converse with

Before you know it you will have a new language under your belt, new international friends, and some places to travel to as well.

#3: Write that Book

Many people have dreamt of writing their own book but mention time as a major obstacle. Now that your only commute to work involves getting of bed (hopefully) and on to the couch or table, you can use that time to finally write out your thoughts.

There are great tools online that can help you set up a fiction novel so that you have your characters, plot, and sequences all thought out. If you are going the non-fiction route, consider reading other memoirs or how-to guides and making notes of what you like and didn’t.

E-books are also a great way to earn passive income so if you know an easy tip or trick to do something – set a time and write a few of them down a day. Before you know it you will have an eBook and can publish it on Amazon.


If you want to keep your mind nimble check out Solitaire Bliss for challenging games like or Forty Thieves Solitaire. Take a break and listen to some K-Pop while learning some Korean. If you have a story to share -share it now!

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