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Themes for the Halloween Party Host

posted by Chris Valentine

As we age the meaning of things and celebration change, like Halloween which in childhood meant a night in which we could stay out as long as we want and as adults, it is a celebration for which we can dress up however we like or want. However, one other way to celebrate is to call your friends over and party. But as hosts, you get to decide the theme for your party.

Meanwhile, themes are difficult to execute it forces both the host and the guest to work on their creative skills. The theme sets a line for decorations, food and costumes also it is always fun when everyone dresses alike. Encourage your guests to dress up in their best when you give them the invites and promise a night full of fun.

A Mystery to Unveil

You can set a spooky decoration with smoke, blood, cobwebs, neon lights and dark music. You can encourage your guests to dress up as detectives or characters like Sherlock, Lucifer, and many others. There can be wine and slow dance with the slow music firing up the atmosphere. To spice up things you can have music that is below human sound level- it scares people without them realizing.


Now, this may seem childish at first but you can spice up things by bringing in realistic dinosaur puppets, skeletons, and costumes. You can suggest your guest dress up as dinosaurs using realistic dinosaur costumes. For decoration, you can also get skeleton pieces of dinosaurs and there is a party everybody will remember for quite some time.


Now, this is one theme that has been done very less often. It revolves around the imagination of life off this planet and somewhere unknown in the universe. Leave it up to your guests to dress up as their versions of aliens would be like. For decoration, you can have spaceships of both humankind and some different shapes in which we can imagine aliens to land on earth. The decorations can be based on the other-world cocktails, few space inspired bites to eat and to create the atmosphere you can have neon glowing lights and sparkling stars hanging from the ceiling

Ghost house

It is a theme that never goes wrong and is the easiest to achieve. You can decorate your house with slimy cobwebs with spiders sticking on them, candle stands with some pre-melted wax on them, glass bottles filled with potion and anything you can imagine you can put them in the house. The guest with this theme will have more options of character to dress up as and even the simplest to the most bling filled dress can work perfectly.


Now, are you too lazy to go for proper decorations but still want an intimate party with your friends where you can enjoy movies and even dress up? Then you can sit at home watching scary movies with the condition that each of your friends brings along a scary movie with them. They also have to dress following those movies’ scary characters. A movie that scares you to your wits and that to on a Halloween night is something that will spice up things for that night. If you turn that movie night onto a night stay after 2 movies there are chances no one would want to even go to the kitchen.

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