Astrology & Numerology – Similarities and Differences …

posted by Chris Valentine

Numerology as a divinatory science, with its fateful numbers, hints of impending tragedies or meaning of numbers, promising lottery gains or the ultimate bliss, has definitely come into disuse, discredit and oblivion to make way for the science of self-knowledge that is taking over. Your true role in this new time in which we live.

There are no fateful numbers or lucky numbers. Each number, like the human being himself, is endowed with his own energy, both positive and negative. There is nothing on this planet of light and shadow that is totally good or totally bad. Everything is dual and has its specific function in evolution. It follows that there are neither completely positive nor negative names to justify being changed or disfigured, as some still use today, interfering with one’s own identity.

Therefore, we should consider our own name as a mantra and learn to know ourselves better through it. This does not prevent us from having a stage name, pseudonym or signature whose vibration facilitates the execution of our projects and goals. In the ignorance that characterized the Middle Ages, this age-old science, as well as astrology, has been distorted and reduced to simple divinatory parlor games. There was no interest in the Church in studies that would free man and help him to know his own potential.

But fortunately, humanity survived even this dark period and evolved enough to be here and now, in this moment of liberation from this suffering past. Anyone who can understand the deep meaning of the evolutionary journey of numbers can use numerology to get to know himself and others as well as to facilitate many projects in his life.

Astrology is the study of the position of the stars at the time of their birth, which according to astrologers is indelibly marked in the soul of each person as a record of the cosmic proposal of their existence for this world and the present incarnation. Astrological dynamics is the constant study of the movements of the planets in the sky and their action on the natal chart that is permanently configured within each of us. So when planet Jupiter, for example, enters a particular sign, it makes aspects of the planets that are on the natal chart causing effects on life and personality that can be observed month by month. And each year when the Sun comes to the exact degree it was on the day of our birth, we get into what astrologers define as our Solar Revolution. A kind of rebirth, not of a new map, but of a new cosmic existential proposal for that year between one birthday and another.

Numerology is the study of the vibrational set of the letters of its name that are classified within a numerical scale, such as musical notes. Hence the tendency of most numerologists to say that our name is a mantra which, when repeated from birth to the end of life, manifests the qualities expressed by personal numbers in the physical world and thus in the reality of each. Numerologists also say that the numbers of their date of birth define the characteristics of the experiences that each individual will draw to him or her throughout his or her life as a journey of evolution. The combination of the name numbers plus the date of birth also points to the soul’s proposal for the present incarnation.

The numerological dynamics come from the study of the four great periods of human development known as Apices or Pinnacles. Each Apex or Pinnacle has well-defined, different time periods for each person as they are calculated from the date of birth. The Apex number signals a soul search during the given time period, and for each Apex there is a Challenge number that represents the block or weakness to be worked on during that same period. There is also the regency of the letters, which are phonetic symbols and therefore also vibrational. And the one-year cycles called the Personal Year, which also last from one birthday to another and define the spectrum of living within that twelve-month period.


Both Astrology and Numerology seek to synthesize the human personality in its potentials and challenges, as well as to probe which life proposition each person brings to this world as a form of personal fulfillment, and at the same time an addition to planetary evolution. . These are symbolic systems that study the proposal of being for the time of a lifetime, not specific moments along this journey like other oracular systems such as the Tarot, the I Ching, the Fortune Telling, etc. Both Astrology and Numerology deal with larger events and longer time periods, whereas the systems mentioned above work with smaller events and shorter time periods, with the advantage that they can describe not only what happens or what happens. will occur, as well as the feelings and thoughts involved in each event. Neither the study of the stars or the numbers can do such a thing, but they can more accurately reveal talents and vocations, as well as show natural tendencies when looking for a loving partner, social or political affinity groups, or even building a family. .

These two systems, Astrology and Numerology, are better able to describe what their path or destiny would be as they walked this world, but both cannot define the degree of maturity of a soul. So neither can guarantee whether or not you’ll have the ability to live the best of your chart (astrological or numerological) or avoid the worst of it! This will totally depend on your ability and willingness to know yourself, to activate the internal and external resources for the transformation of your consciousness and the world around you.

Advantages and disadvantages

The great advantage that Astrology has over Numerology is its ability to detail a varied spectrum of psychological possibilities, in the experiences and relationships developed, based on the designs of the natal chart. Through Sun and Moon positions, for example, one can evaluate the interaction between ego and feelings, or conscious and unconscious. Or in Saturn Moon relationships revealing the possible affective interactions with father and mother, and how this interferes with individual perceptions of family and intimate bonds. The directions pointed out by the numerological study make more reference to how one perceives reality, and how one can transform it from direct action. Faced with a number of Life Challenge 1, for example, don’t shy away from taking control of your own life, you should fear the confrontation and all the inconvenience it brings, but if you don’t, others will do everything they can. What remains will be the role of the victim who says, “Everyone wants to control me!” The rest of the numbers on your personal numerological chart will show how intensely this happens, and where!

From this, it is well understood why Astrology is a favorite of therapists of all kinds as a guide in their immersion work in the human soul, and Numerology is a favorite in business, for staff selection and in the evaluation of brands and products!

The great advantage of Numerology over Astrology lies in its essence, while all the stars can do is point out possibilities and trends, which will have to be dealt with in other ways, the study of numbers offers the real possibility of activating inner potentials. and transforming challenges by harmonizing the vibrational set of baptismal name numbers. This process has been called the name matching or signature matching. Thus Numerology offers a resource in itself to change personal reality, raising challenges and limitations, and turning them into virtues! This feature is very old, appears in biblical accounts, and was already used by Kabbalistic rabbis as a resource even for health care.

It is always worth noting that this “superiority” is merely theoretical, and both astrological and numerological designs go through the interpreter’s talent, mental and intellectual acuity, as well as personal and spiritual maturity, and that makes all the difference! And so much so that there is a huge range of numerologists using the study of numbers therapeutically, as there are countless astrologers who use the stars for business and stock market speculation. Every technique has limits, but when combined with human genius the limits tend to diminish or disappear, and the possibilities extend to infinity!

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