6 Ways to Ditch the Dull When Planning a Family Day Out

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have ever been left to fend for yourself on the weekend with the kids, you understand how daunting that task can be. Not a minute can by without doing anything, before the boredom sets in. Instead of panicking, use these six simple tips for planning your next family day out.

1. Active is the best activity

One of the best family days out is one where the whole family is active together. It also doesn’t hurt that come the end of the day, the kids will sleep better than they ever have. Kids activities in Melbourne can come in many different shapes, sizes and excitement levels, but finding the right one depends on your kids.

Find activities that suit their interests, their age and their abilities as well. An exciting activity is sure to starve off the boredom and create a fond family memory as well. Think exploring the gardens, rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding or even going back to your childhood and trampolining.

2. Food is very important

When you are planning your next family day out, one sure-fire way to ruin the day, is forgetting about your families stomachs. Instead of just grabbing something out, make the most of your day and plan ahead with a picnic lunch.

Stop in at the local botanical gardens and find a nice grassy spot to stop for a delicious family meal. Packing a picnic lunch can really take the day from good to great. It will allow you all time to reflect on the morning’s activities and build the excitement for what’s still to come, not to mention the fuel it will give you as well.

3. Hunt down the fun

Childhood was abound with fun games and activities. However, slowly, as technology has advanced, it almost seems like we have forgotten how to have simple fun. A scavenger hunt is a great way to ensure you plan an exciting family day out and not a dull one.

Get creative and plan clues on cards, use the clue to guess destinations, or even plan a larger scale hunt around the neighbourhood or city. Not only will the kids get a real kick out of this kind of activity, but planning is almost as fun as participating.

4. Fun can be free

When you are planning the next family day out, look for free activities, exhibits and locations to include. Museums, art galleries and even local institutes are a great way to engage the children in something both fun and educational.

Art galleries and museums often have exhibits and events aimed specifically at the little ones. Look for interactive exhibits which will engage the kids even more. These types of activities are also great for rainy days as well, so don’t let the weather deter you.

5. Tour your own city

One the best days out you can spend is being a tourist in your own city. When you are planning the next family day out, do some research on walking, riding or even bus tours around your city. Help the family learn about their home, fun facts and the history as well.

If you are looking to add even more fun, look for tours that include food, activities or even a themed tour. Tours are a great way to inject some excitement into the day and really change the way you see your own home.

6. Be creative

Another great way to add some fun and excitement into your family day out is by challenging your family to be creative. Instead of doing the same old things you always do, try something different. Look for a family cooking class, a painting class or even an arts and crafts class. Encouraging each other to be creative and achieving that creativity as a family is a great way to avoid another dull day out.


Planning the family day out can be daunting, but thinking outside the box can really help avoid that. Instead of just heading to the beach or visiting friends, find an activity you haven’t tried, learn a new skill or become a tourist again. Family days can be as fun and exciting as you like, all you have to do is think a little differently.

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