16 Activity To Do This Summer

posted by Chris Valentine

Summer is the season of fun and adventure—a time to create memories with friends and family that will last a lifetime. But it’s also a time when many people let their fitness routines fall by the wayside, choosing instead to relax and indulge. 

If you want to avoid packing on pounds this summer and stay active despite the heat, try one of these fun activities. And if you are a jet ski freak, be sure to get jet ski insurance coverage before you hit the water.

1) Go Swimming

If you’re lucky enough to live near a pool or lake, there’s no better way to stay fit this summer than by going for a swim. In addition to being fun, swimming is an excellent full-body workout that can help improve your cardiovascular health and tone your muscles at the same time. And if you prefer diving, be sure to get scuba insurance coverage before hitting the water!

2) Take Up Hiking

Hiking is another activity that doubles as both cardio exercise and stunning scenery. And there are trails available for all levels of hikers, from the relatively simple to the more challenging.

3) Try Biking

Bike paths are increasingly popular throughout the country, and for good reason. Biking is a fun way to stay active during the summer that doesn’t involve sweating it out in a gym.

4) Dance Your Heart Out

Dancing is not only an enjoyable activity in its own right, but it can also be very good exercise. Whether you join an organized dance class or simply turn on some music and dance alone at home, you’ll have fun while burning calories.

5) Go on a Road Trip

There’s nothing like packing up the car and hitting the open road for a summer adventure. Whether you’re exploring everything your province has to offer or venturing out of state or country, a road trip is the perfect way to see new places and create lasting memories with your friends or family. Just don’t forget your camera!

6) Kids Science Experiments

From the classic volcano experiment to making your own slime, there are endless summer activity ideas that combine science and fun. Kids will love experimenting with different chemicals and materials, and they’ll get a kick out of seeing their reaction products burst from a soda bottle or fizz across a tray. Letting them do these experiments on their own can also help them develop valuable critical thinking skills.

7) Have a Movie Marathon

Choose your favorite films, make some popcorn, and settle in for a fun-filled movie marathon. This is the perfect activity for rainy summer days or hot evenings when you just want to relax indoors.

8) Go Camping

Nothing beats spending time outdoors in nature, and camping is the perfect way to do that while on a budget. Just pitch a tent in your backyard or head out to a nearby campsite for an overnight adventure under the stars.

9) Volunteer

Summer is the perfect time to give back by volunteering with local organizations that need extra help during peak season. From working at food banks or animal shelters to helping out at community events, there are plenty of ways you can lend a hand and make a difference in your community.

10) Host a Block Party

Get to know your neighbors better this summer by hosting a block party! Put up flyers around your neighborhood and invite people to bring food, lawn chairs, games, and their families for an evening of fun.

11) Backyard BBQ

Fire up the grill and invite over friends and family for an evening of delicious food and great conversation. Investing in some good quality cookware will help you get the most out of your grill.

12) Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is a great way to spruce up your yard, support local agriculture and get some healthy food for the family. If you’re not much of a green thumb, try starting small by planting herbs in pots or growing lettuce.

13) Homemade Playdough

This classic activity is easy to make at home and provides hours of fun for kids of all ages. All you need are a few household ingredients and some food coloring. Once you’ve got your dough, let the kids go crazy with cookie cutters, rolling pins and their imaginations.

14) Water Balloon Baseball

This is a great game for hot summer days. Fill up several water balloons and set them in the middle of the yard. Divide into teams and take turns hitting the balloon with a bat or stick. The team that pops the most balloons wins!

15) Sidewalk Chalk Art

Get creative with sidewalk chalk on a sunny day. Draw hopscotch courts, life-size tic-tac-toe boards or a scene from your favorite book. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try designing an entire maze or scavenger hunt to keep kids entertained for hours. These activities are important because they help people relax and de-stress from everyday life, support local businesses and families, teach children imagination and critical thinking skills.

16) Jet Ski

Take the family out for a day of fun in the sun with jet skiing! Glide across the water and feel the wind in your hair as you explore. Jet skiing is a great way to get some exercise while spending time together as a family.

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