6 Tips For Choosing The Best Vape Juice

posted by Chris Valentine

Vaping has gained much traction in the smoking community, with some people switching to vaping instead of smoking traditional tobacco products. Since it stormed onto the scene, there have been many improvements to the products, including more choice and more refined flavors.

For someone looking to buy the best vape juice or e-liquid, there is such a vast choice that it may take them some time to find the right one. Manufacturers have created juices that satisfy the regular vaper and the connoisseur.

Vape juice can come in various flavors, strengths, and compositions, so how would one buy the best out of all of them? The answer is simple: choose one to suit the individual needs of the vaper by following the tips below:

1. Decide On The Nicotine Level

The first element of a vape juice that will be an entirely personal choice will be the nicotine level of the e-liquids the vaper purchases. Light smokers usually prefer a liquid with less nicotine, while the heavier they smoke, the more nicotine they want from their e-liquid.

For those wanting an alternative while quitting nicotine altogether, there are liquids containing no nicotine, so they still feel like they are smoking, but without the addictive component.  

2. Choose The Type Of Hit

A vape can give two types of hits that most users find appealing. One will be the heavy, throat hit, and another is a smoother hit. Again, a very personal decision to make as some prefer one over the other.   

When purchasing a liquid, ask the seller about the various qualities of the vape juice and let them explain the available variety. They would need to know their product and give the best advice. If not, find a new supplier that can explain the difference.   

3. Find One That Works With The Device

With such a large array of vaping devices on the market, enquire from the merchant what type of vape juice will work best with the apparatus of preference. Not all liquids will give the same experience when used with all the e-cigarette brands, and buyers should be aware of this.  

Some devices work by the user dripping some vape juice onto a piece of cotton, whereas other e-liquids go into a tank that uses a replaceable coil. It means that some of the liquids are made explicitly for the type of device, so find out which one the device uses before making a purchase.  

4. Pick Clouds, Or Not

As many devices as there are available, there are equally as many different vapers. Each person will have their motivation and preferences for vaping and how they want to do it. Some users would thus prefer to exhale a huge billowing cloud of vapor to satisfy the visual aspect, while others want their nicotine fix and don’t worry too much about aesthetics.  

Buying the best vaping liquid will undoubtedly provide what the users are after. E-liquids with more glycerin tend to have an enormous cloud, while a more equalized mixture wouldn’t produce the same show. A reputable vendor would have the solution, and asking them for more information is the best option before investing in vape juice.  

5. Select Your Favorite Flavor

The flavor of the vape juice makes a huge difference to the users. A traditional tobacco flavor, a sweeter blend, or a fruity flavor are options. Vapers who haven’t found their favorite will have to try a few before finding the one they like.

Some vape shops offer tasters for customers to try before buying, while others sell sample packs containing smaller amounts of their signature flavors to vapers. You can take advantage of these tasters and find your preferred flavor. Whichever option suits the vaper best would be the best until they find that perfect flavor that will knock them out of the park.  

6. Opt For High-Quality Vape Juices

The old saying that you get what you pay is true regarding vape juices. The cheaper brands could have more fillers added to the mix, which makes the juice unhealthy and could cause problems with the device later.

Instead, look for the best quality e-liquid that is affordable enough to purchase, not any old vape juice on the shelf. Ensure to order or buy from a vape store with years of experience renowned for its high-quality juices, devices, and service.

Blending It All Together

Vaping, like many other things in life, is a personal choice. A person looking for the best vape juice to supplement their experience should research the options available, try some samples, and buy the vape juice that suits their needs. After all, vapers want a pleasurable experience, and the right e-liquid could contribute to this.

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