The Best Wine and Dine Experience In Waterview

posted by Chris Valentine

The world is opening up again, so it’s finally time to celebrate! Your family has experienced births, birthdays, graduations, and career successes during lockdown, and you’re looking for the perfect place to host a celebratory gathering. Bar and Grill Waterview values the importance of bringing people together to enjoy a deliciously modern dining experience. From high-quality Australian meats to sustainably sourced seafood, from fresh produce to the finest wines, you’ll find something wonderful for every palate at your table on Bar and Grill’s seasonal menu.

Meat & Seafood

Seafood is often a go-to celebration food for many because it can be hard to make well at home. Sustainably sourced seafood is some of the best food at Bar and Grill. Start off with fresh, raw oysters that are always sourced from regions in peak season for maximum flavour or lightly fried calamari with chilli and shallots. Fish, such as salmon and barramundi, are expertly prepared by Chef Adrian Hofman who tasks the grill with enhancing the fish’s natural flavours. Choose from homey fish and chips or grilled salmon with bright salsa verde. A variety of shellfish are also featured in signature pasta and risotto dishes that are sure to please.

For the carnivores in the room for whom no celebration is complete without a superior cut of meat, choose from five cuts of steak sourced from Australia’s top suppliers. Perhaps a pasture-fed tenderloin served with your choice of sauce and steak fries? Delicious. Additionally, a must-try for the discerning palate is the bone marrow entrée which is grilled and topped with herbed panko and rosemary.

Free-range chicken is transformed on the grill when marinated with lemon and rosemary and served skewered with tzatziki. Transport your tastebuds to the USA with pork ribs served with hickory smoked BBQ sauce, or marvel at bone-in Margra lamb cutlets with red wine jus.

The meat and seafood stand out at Bar and Grill not only for their careful preparation but for their sourcing. Only the highest quality raw ingredients can result in the best tasting food.

Produce & Beverages

If well-prepared vegetables are more your style, Bar and Grill Waterview has crafted some grilled treats for you, too. The Grilled Haloumi Salad might tempt you with fennel, orange segments, and a bright citrus dressing. Share a Burrata Salad entrée with the table that celebrates heirloom tomatoes by adorning them simply with fresh basil, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Meat eaters need not choose, however, between enjoying meat or produce. Broccolini, cauliflower puree, grilled asparagus, a variety of greens, and many other seasonal samplings are offered as sides. 

To toast all of your achievements and special occasions, Bar and Grill’s team has curated a wine list that’s sure to impress everyone from the casual wine sipper to aspiring sommeliers. Pair your fish and meat with available whites and reds selected from all over Australia. Find sparkling wines for your toasts and dessert wines to wrap up the evening. For the truly discerning wine connoisseur, the Reserve wine list features Australia’s best-growing regions and wineries.

Wine & Dine

If you’re organising a smaller celebration, like an anniversary or a quiet birthday party, and you’re searching for wine and dine events in Waterview, consider attending Bar and Grill Waterview’s Wine & Dine event on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 7:00pm. Book an evening of culinary delight during which you’ll be greeted at the door with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine. Then enjoy a three-course meal with paired wines that have been carefully prepared by Chef Adrian and the Bar and Grill team. Can’t make the date? Keep in touch with Bar and Grill for future Wine & Dine events. You might just discover your new favourite date night activity.

With so many good dining options in Waterview, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. Bar and Grill Waterview makes it easy for you to decide where to host your end-of-lockdown celebration extravaganza. Alongside Chef Adrian, Food and Beverage Manager Gaby Tannous and General Manager Tomasz Pytraczyk team up to ensure that you’ll find the best food at Bar and Grill. Everyone works together to create menus and an experience that celebrate the union of good food and good company so that you can always depend on a memorable experience.

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