The Top 3 Foods To Prepare on a Date

posted by Chris Valentine

The classic perfect date typically involves reservations at a fancy restaurant with a dreamy candlelit table and a romantic, delicious dinner. Follow it up with a decadent dessert, and you have achieved ideal date status. The problem is, elegant restaurants can often feel stuffy and old-fashioned, and lavish meals can wreak major havoc on your pocketbook. For your next romantic date, ditch the restaurant rigmarole and plan an evening at home cooking a feast on your own. Not only is making a meal entertaining and conversational, but it’s also a great way to spend time together without advance reservations and expensive dinner bills! Read on to discover some delicious meals that you and your significant other can have fun preparing together on your next date night.


The ultimate in takeout food, homemade pizza is cheaper and much tastier than when encased in a cardboard box and delivered to your door. Not only does it make a delicious meal, but the dough, topping, and sauce components actually make it quite fun to prepare as well. 

Start by making your pizza dough; a simple internet search can yield dough results ranging from gluten-free to Chicago deep dish. After letting your mixture rise, take turns stretching and pulling your dough to reach the perfect thickness. Do you favor thin crust while your date prefers thick? No problem! Make mini pizzas and create perfectly individualized personal pies. 

Simmer your pizza sauce on the stove by combining crushed tomatoes, garlic, and basil while you determine what toppings will complete your pizzas. Keep it traditional, or consider using unique ingredients like buffalo sauce, CBD oil, chickpeas, roasted vegetables, and figs. Be sure to crank up the Italian music while cooking, and don’t forget to keep the Chianti flowing.


Brunch is everyone’s favorite meal. It can be sweet, savory, and eaten anytime of the day or at night for dinner. If you have a date planned for mid-morning, consider whipping up a yummy brunch with your partner. You could even wear pajamas to keep the mood casual and comfortable. Prepare pancake batter, and provide optional mix-ins like chocolate chips, strawberries, or sprinkles. Create heart-shaped flapjacks by transferring the batter to a squeezable bottle that can pour precisely and evenly. 

Are eggs more your style? Gather omelet ingredients and create a personalized egg station by providing cheese, veggies, meat, and other classic omelet fillings. Alternatively, poach some eggs and mix a bechamel sauce to construct the perfect eggs benedict. 

Serve your brunch date coffee, tea, orange juice, and champagne to top off your meal, and consider eating outside if weather permits. You can also check brunch Vancouver for more ideas.


No matter the season, there is a soup appropriate for any day of the week. Whether it’s a winter chili or a summer gazpacho, soup is an ideal main course to make for a date night at home. 

The best soups come from using the freshest, most in-season ingredients. Before you begin cooking, take your date for a stroll at the local farmer’s market to source the main components of your meal. The beauty of making soup is that you can trade called-for ingredients often for more preferable foods. For example, if the recipe lists broccoli, but the cauliflower looks fresher, feel free to substitute one for the other.  

Because most soups and stews require a myriad of vegetables and a considerable amount of chopping, set out two cutting boards and prep the ingredients together. Soup goes well with salads and doughy breadsticks, so while it simmers, prepare the sides.

Play some jazz music and share culinary tips and tricks while slicing and dicing. Soup is a particularly fantastic meal to make if you and your date are still getting to know each other; chopping can be tedious in silence, provoking conversation and flowing dialogue. 

While restaurants can be luxurious and indulgent, cooking at home is an equally romantic way to spend time with your significant other. Hopefully, this list provided you with some unique and delicious ideas for your next dinner at home prepared by the two of you. 

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