Ways to Know Your Wine Is Good

posted by Chris Valentine

Unless you have attended a couple of wine tasting events, you might never know that there is better wine than what you are taking. Not all wine is the same: there is quality wine, and we also have substandard wine. While all of them will give a buzz after a few glasses, good wine will undoubtedly blow you away. The question is, what is good wine? If you are not a wine expert, it might be challenging to define what it is precisely.

There are a couple of things that will help you determine if you are dealing with a quality drink. Here is what makes good wine.

1. Balance

A friend has probably brought you a bottle of wine. You take the corkscrew, get rod of the cork and decide to have a feast. The moment you taste it, the acidity or alcohol is very distinct to your taste buds. Sorry, but the wine may not be of the best quality. Wine constitutes of tannins, alcohol, and some acid and of course, the fruity taste. If the wine is good, none of the flavors will distinctively stand out.

You have probably heard of ‘balanced wine,’ even if it is from friends or the movies. That is what it means: none of the components will be too much. You will always enjoy a glass of balanced wine, even if you have no idea of what makes it so good.

2. Smell

The sniff test still works. You have seen people do it. Well, it is not just a routine or a ritual of some sort. It is done by people that are well conversant with wine. They want to tell if they are about to enjoy it or they should start thinking of getting a different beverage already. Good wine has a fruity and floral smell. Anything different screams that you are not probably going to enjoy the wine.

3. Finish

Some of these terms might be a little new to you. Well, finish means the length that the taste lingers on your tongue after swallowing your wine. It is one of the simplest ways to tell if you are dealing with the good stuff. You have just had your sip. How long does the flavor last on your tongue? If it disappears immediately, then you might want to consider opening a different bottle. If the flavor sticks around for about two to three seconds, then it is the perfect wine. While checking the reviews while buying the best online wine Australia, you will not fail to spot a comment on the finish of the wine.

4. Depth

Depth is used to describe the flavor of the wine. You can tell the different flavors that your wine has by holding it in your mouth and swirling it. There is the apparent fruity taste of wine, and there are other underlying flavors. Good wine has more than one layers of flavors: this is now the depth of the wine. Wine with a depth of flavor is a good wine.

With this checklist, nothing should stop from enjoying the best of what the vineyards have to offer.

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