Things to Do if Your Car Catches Fire

posted by Chris Valentine

It can be frightening when your car catches fire, seeing smoke or blazes coming from the backside is an intimidating sight. This can rapidly involve great individual danger to the vehicle driver and the people passing by. Certain steps could lead you to a safe evacuation from a burning vehicle. Consider these life-saving tips when such an accident happens with you and get to safety as soon as possible. Read on and get to know what steps you should track if your car catches fire and you are on the road.


  • Gesture your purposes and drive to the right lane


The foremost notions of yours should be saving yourself and save the others driving right behind you. Hence, what you can do is to signal with your hands or indicators that something is not right with your car and move away from the left lane which is usually taken by the drivers. This will allow them to keep a safe distance from your car and avoid any added ordeal in this mishap.    


  • Pull-over already and Stop the Engine


Unlike that you might have seen in the movies or accident videos, you should not keep driving the vehicle. Concepts of movies are whimsical and do not apply to real-life at all. Shut your engine down as soon as possible and stop driving your car. Pushing the accelerator and moving a bit ahead to save some time might cost you a life, which would be the last thing you want.   


  • Evacuate the Vehicle as soon as possible


The next move is obvious. Get yourself and your co-drivers out of the vehicle as soon as you can. You can face a major accident if the flames of fire succeed to reach the fuel tank. Hence, before you have to deal with any other pain from that ill-fated vehicle, abandon it along with your co-passengers. There is no time to worry about your belongings or the car. That might lead you straight towards an encounter with the blazes of fire. 


  • Keep spectators and other people away from your car


This is very common nowadays that people stand by and start taking footage of a mishap or accident only to share the incident with their friends and family. In pursuit of recording the tragedy, they might get engrossed in one. Hence, after stepping out of the car; you must keep spectators and other interested people away from the car. It might involve you in a serious problem if they get hurt in the act of remarking the accident.    


  • Intimate the Emergency Services and Insurance Agency


Your next move should be calling for emergency services including the fire department and an ambulance if there is any injury noted by you. Also, you should start making calls to your insurance agency as they are the guys who will assess your car and pass the insurance claim as per your premium. The sooner your inspector arrives the scene of the fire, the better visuals of the car he will be able to spectate. Also, if you make sure that your car is now good for nothing; immediately reach out to car wreckers Lower Hutt so that they can tow your car and you can focus on other important issues at hand.    


  • Do not to Seek to extinguish the fire physically


You might love your vehicle too much. Everybody does. But, when your beloved vehicle is flaring up and emitting fumes of carbon dioxide, the best decision is to stay as far as you can and wait for the firefighters to come and do their job. There is a possible danger of fire reaching the ignition chamber or fuel tank that might make this burning situation into a blast. You would not love the idea of stepping into a time-bomb. So, keep clear from the sight of fire and do not attempt to extinguish the fire manually.  If you find out that your car is beyond saving then you can search for agencies giving cash for cars  in wellington.   

These are the basic steps you have to practice immediately. The further steps include reporting the incident to law enforcement and claiming for a return of your insurance. But, all of that comes after saving yourself from a hazard.

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