How to Prepare For Your Teen’s Car Insurance

posted by Chris Valentine

Auto insurance is continuously increasing. These increases are making impossible for some people to drive a vehicle. To make matters worse, some parents are not prepared to invest in auto insurance for their teen drivers. Whether you are a single parent or not, there are ways to be prepared for the day your child gets his or her first car. The tips below will help prepare you for your child’s next milestone.

Start Getting Quotes

One of the best ways to be prepared for future insurance expenses is with quotes. You do not need to wait until your child gets his or her first car before finding out exactly how much the insurance coverage will cost. In fact, all insurers recommend for parents to start obtaining quotes as soon as possible. You can get a free quote before your child turns driving age. There are several ways to obtain a free quote. Visit an auto insurer’s website, visit a local office or call the company directly. Knowing the cost in advance will prepare you for the additional expense.

Open A Savings Account

It is likely that you are currently saving for your child’s college expenses. Well, why not do the same for your teen’s auto insurance? Learn about the savings account here before moving forward. During this process, you will learn the benefits of a savings account and how to open one up. Unlike in the past, it is now possible to open up a savings account online. You can also open up an account in person at any local financial institution.

Hopefully, by the time your child is ready to drive you should have enough money saved to cover their auto insurance for at least a year. This will give your teen enough time to find a job, so he can pay for his own insurance.

Start Looking For Discounts

There is no doubt that auto insurance is more expensive for teenagers than adults. This is why it is crucial to start preparing for the additional expenses by finding discounts. Many insurers offer discounts to new and existing customers with teenage drivers. These are the insurers that you should consider doing business with. The key to being able to afford your teen’s auto insurance is discounts. Driving in Malaysia will not only be tricky, but your teen will encounter a number of tolls on the highway. You combine this with high rates of insurance in Malaysia and you are going to be looking at an expensive endeavor. This is why it is best to start looking for discounts whenever possible.

Start Teaching 

Before your teen gets behind the wheel for the first time, you should teach him/her about staying accident-free. Even a minor fender bender can cause a major increase in auto insurance premiums. To keep your insurance expenses to a minimum, it is crucial that your child learns how to drive properly. Even though your child will learn the road laws while preparing for their driving test, you should also enforce these rules. Doing so will prepare your child for their upcoming driving test and help them transition from a guide to the highway.


Just knowing an additional expense is on the venue can cause stress. The best way to handle the situation is to be prepared. The above tips will help prepare you for the undertaking of obtaining auto insurance for your teen and covering the additional expense. 

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