5 Creative Things to do With CBD Gummies

posted by Chris Valentine

If you’re taking CBD gummies, you’re probably already aware of the incredible benefits that CBD has to offer. From reducing anxiety and stress to treating inflammation and even managing chronic pain, CBD is a powerful tool in the arsenal of users all over the country. CBD gummies are convenient and safe, but you don’t just have to take them regularly; here are five creative things to do with CBD gummies at home, on the go, or when you’re with friends. 

1. Use Them for Sleep 

If you’re using your gummies to manage anxiety, stress, or even depression, taking them before bed can actually help you get a better nights’ sleep. Good sleep is pretty much essential to healthy mental and physical function, so anything that can help you have a deeper, more restful sleep should be a priority. 

Millions of people use CBD specifically to help them sleep, and the results have been pretty positive so far. Since anxiety and stress are some of the main causes of troubled sleep, reducing them with CBD gummies can make your next sleep the most restful you’ve had in recent years. If you’re looking for high-quality CBD gummies, start here: 

Take your sleep to the next level by taking a gummy or two before bed. Start with a small dose to see if your sleep improves, and then adjust up or down as necessary for maximum results. You may find that half of one gummy is enough, or that you need as many as two before bed for the right effect. 

2. Eat them With Your Favorite Dessert 

If you love dessert (who doesn’t, after all?) combining CBD gummies with your favorite treats is a good way to add some flavor. Some people don’t prefer the taste and texture of gummies by themselves, so they’ll combine the gummies with sweets like ice cream. You’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth while getting your CBD dose at the same time! What’s better than that? 

Gummies are usually fruit-flavored, so mixing them with cake or pie probably won’t taste very good, but this is, of course, a personal preference. Try mixing and matching your favorite desserts to see what works best. 

3. Party Treats 

If you’re looking for a creative way to introduce friends or family to CBD, serving them as a party treat is a good way to do so. Of course, you’ll want to inform everyone that the colorful gummies on the table are, in fact, infused with CBD; just in case anyone has personal objections to using CBD. 

Gummies are simple and easy to chew and swallow, and their sugary goodness makes them the perfect addition to your housewarming party or wedding shower. If you’re introducing new people to CBD, be sure to explain the difference between CBD and THC. This causes a lot of confusion among those who aren’t familiar with the two compounds, and many false assumptions have been made about CBD because of it. 

Be sure to let everyone know that CBD is perfectly legal at the federal level, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC, and that it’s not the same as the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. Your guests won’t get high from your CBD gummies! 

4. Make a Homemade Version 

If you like the gummies you’ve purchased, try making your own concoction with your favorite flavors! There are hundreds of recipes online for creating your own CBD gummies in as little as a half-hour. Homemade treats are more customizable, and you can control the flavor, CBD potency, and more. 

If you’re still unsure about CBD and CBD gummies, you can check out this article for an in-depth look at the pros and cons of the compound and its various products: 

5. They’re Safe for Kids 

Did you know that CBD is safe for kids to take? It’s important that you consult with your child’s doctor before doing so, but giving CBD gummies to kids suffering from ADHD, seizures, and other medical conditions can actually be quite beneficial. The FDA recently approved an anti-seizure medication called Epidiolex that is used to manage seizures in children and adults! 

If your child is having trouble focusing, CBD may be able to help. Use your discretion as far as dosage and brands, but be sure to only give the highest-quality CBD products you can get ahold of. Quality matters when it comes to CBD and your kids deserve the best! 


CBD gummies are a unique way to get your daily CBD dosage, and with these five creative ways to use them, you’ll find they’re a lot of fun as well. 

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