How to Soothe Those Tight Muscles

posted by Chris Valentine

Working out is crucial for maintaining your health, so it feels unfair when your body punishes you with sore, tight muscles.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with the pain. Although there is no magical cure, there are plenty of simple remedies that can give you some relief.

Do you want to learn how to relieve muscle tension? Keep reading for 7 tips that can help.

1. Stretching Is the Best Way

Stretching is the best medicine for tight muscles for many reasons. A good stretch keeps your muscles healthy, strong, and flexible. These daily stretching routines can help you target any problem areas and feel more relaxed in no time.

2. Try Foam Rolling

Massaging is helpful for recovery because it can release tension and increase your blood flow. However, if you’re experiencing stiffness in a hard-to-reach place, you won’t be able to rub it. This is where foam rolling comes into play.

Rolling around on a piece of foam may look silly, but you’ll be able to use your body weight to release any trigger points that are causing your discomfort. All you have to do is slide around on the foam roller, pause on any tight spots, and hold your position until you feel the muscle relax.

3. Strengthen Your Core

Your core is responsible for keeping your body balanced. If you have a weak core, other muscles have to work harder to maintain your stability. Doing more ab exercises may not be the fastest way to alleviate muscle tightness, but it’s effective at preventing more pain in the future.

4. Take a Hot Shower or Bath

Who doesn’t feel relaxed after a hot shower or bath? Aside from helping you de-stress, warm water can also increase your mobility and reduce your pain. For the ultimate relief, try soaking in a bath filled with Epsom salt.

5. Get Your Body Moving

If you’re suffering from muscle tightness, the last thing you’d feel like doing is exercising. Although moving your body may hurt in the beginning, doing some gentle exercises is a great way to recover faster. The reason why is because working out causes more nutrient-dense blood to flow through your muscles.

6. Practice Yoga

Sometimes muscle stiffness is caused by stress. Have you ever noticed that your body is clenching throughout the day? If so, stress could be causing you to hold onto tension.

Not only will yoga help you stretch out, but the meditation aspect of this exercise can train you to cope with stress better.

7. Make Sleep a Priority

Since our bodies go into recovery mode while we sleep, it’s important to get at least 8 hours a night. If you make sleep your priority, you’ll start feeling like a new person when you wake up.

Learning How to Relieve Tight Muscles Can Save You from Lots of Pain

If you follow these 7 tips, you’ll never have to worry about tight muscles again.

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