4 Hidden Signs of Addiction You Shouldn’t Overlook

posted by Chris Valentine

Sometimes addiction can be very obvious. It will look like several DUIs, countless liquor bottles everywhere and regularly blacking out. It also looks like crushed pills and medications of all sorts on the kitchen counter as well as hidden spoons all over the bedroom and bathroom. Lastly, it looks like shattered relationships and plummeting grades. However, on the other hand, sometimes it isn’t that easy spot and can also be less clear cut. Many people struggling with drug addiction get so good at hiding and fooling the people around it can be impossible to really tell what’s going on.

Below are the 4 hidden signs you should always keep an eye out for.

1. They’re Making A Ton Of Excuses

Drug addicts are often very good at lying. A lot of the people in drug rehab centers in california will tell you many stories of how they really don’t deserve to be there and how “fine” they are. This isn’t because they’re purposefully trying to hurt your feelings, it’s because they can’t help it if they want to keep their drug addiction going. Start to carefully pay attention to the excuses given to you by your loved ones. Are they being overly elaborate? Are they fond of always excusing the same behavior? Take these as red flags.

2. They Lack Limits

If you notice your loved one quickly having one drink after another, or they’re popping new bottles immediately after finishing one, it’s very easy to dismiss this behavior and tag it as “social drinking” or “just having a little fun”, especially if they don’t black out or stumble around here and there, however, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol could be a sign of substance abuse problems. If you’ve noticed that they’ve begun to drink heavily or they’ve developed high tolerance levels then you might want to consider asking them to reduce.

3. They’re Less Responsible

Money matters are always a very tricky conversation to have, even if you happen to be family. You may not exactly know what the financial situation your loved one is in. But, if you pay close attention, you can still be able to spot the few changes in their spending habits. Did they stop that occasional dining at fancy restaurants? Has their dressing changed? Have they traded in their car for one that’s less expensive? Have they stopped paying their internet or cable bills? While all these could just be signs of someone who’s frugal with their finances, they could also easily be signs of drug addiction as well.

4. They’re Rarely Ever Around

One of the reasons why addiction can go on without notice is because the person going through it is often never around for it to be seen. While most struggling with substance abuse problems will experience severe changes in personality and mood, other minor changes should still be a cause for concern. If it seems like your loved one can never be found then that might be a sign of drug abuse as well.

While it’s never too late to help someone suffering from substance abuse problems, the sooner is always the better. There are myths about addiction and it is not always easy to spot. So, if you have a feeling that someone close to you might be using and is addicted, do not ignore the signs and just turn a blind eye, approach and talk to them. Show them you’re there for them and that you’ll always be by their side all through their journey.


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