A Quick Guide to the Health Benefits of Dental Implants

posted by Chris Valentine

A staggering 90% of US adults – that’s how many Americans have had tooth decay. Another 25% has untreated dental caries.

Worse, these problems have contributed to 36 million Americans being completely toothless. There are also more than 120 million folks who have at least one missing tooth.

If you’re one of these people, you’re like thinking of getting dentures. True, 90% of individuals who have missing teeth wear them. However, they aren’t your only option, nor are they always the best.

One alternative to dentures is a tooth implant. In fact, the many benefits of dental implants make them the top choice for a lot of edentulous people.

The question now is, what exactly are these dental implants benefits? What makes them better than your other tooth replacement options?

This post will answer all these questions and more, so be sure to read until the end!

A Very Close Resemblance to Natural Teeth

One of the top advantages of dental implants is how they look and act much like natural teeth. Compared to dentures, which could be obvious tooth imitations, implants are more natural-looking. In short, the best dental implants could pass off as real teeth, in terms of appearances.

Provides Gum Stimulation

Aside from looks, implants also act much like permanent teeth — they stimulate the gums. That’s because the implant itself mimics natural tooth roots. The implant goes into the gums, wherein in attaches itself to the jawbone.

From there, the implant doctor attaches the replacement tooth to the implant. Whenever you bite or chew, the implant stimulates the jaw bone. Without stimulation, the jawbone will weaken, disintegrate, and over time, become permanently lost.

So, not only do dental implants give you back your full chewing power. They also help protect your jawbone, which in turn helps prevent further bone loss.

A Longer-Term Solution to Missing Teeth

The value of dental implants also becomes apparent in their long-term longevity. With proper care, maintenance, and regular cleaning, they can last you a lifetime!

Whereas complete dentures, on average, only has a lifespan of between five and 10 years. What’s more, the closer they get to reaching their end of life, the more “slippages” that can occur.

This can then lead to difficulties in biting, chewing, and even speaking. Also, when ill-fitting dentures slip, you’re likely to face an embarrassing experience.

Even People with Osteoporosis Can Get Implants

Researchers have found that tooth implants can help trigger new bone growth. Again, this is mainly due to the stimulating effects of implants on the jawbone.

But what about people who have osteoporosis, which causes the loss of bone density?

According to studies, implants also have a good success rate in these individuals. They’d still need to have enough jawbone left though, which will hold the implant in place. But so long as they meet this requirement, they can enjoy the benefits of tooth implants.

Let the Benefits of Dental Implants Give You Back a Healthy Smile

There you have it, some of the main benefits of dental implants and why they’re a better choice than dentures. Aside from looking much like natural teeth, they act like it too. Plus, they can help keep your remaining jaw bone in good health, which is another reason to get them now.

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