11 Ways to Make Money in the Arts

posted by Chris Valentine

When we hear the word “artist”, we often see the image of a “wandering hungry creator”. He’s always looking for a place to stay, and he doesn’t stay in the same place for long, and he makes ends meet. Fortunately, things are quite different and the economy allows the owners of creative professions to slowly become entrepreneurs. We present 11 active ways to achieve success in business for artists.

1. 3D-artist

The modern profession of 3D-artist attracts many painters, graphic artists, architects, and sculptors. This peculiar class of artists was formed after the appearance and widespread of 3D-printers. It is possible to turn your drawings into three-dimensional objects. Then such goods can be sold in online stores or even create your own gallery.

2. An art dealer

In fact, an art dealer is a salesman. You can open your own gallery or rent an existing one and sell artists’ works there. It is important to create a client base here, to establish contacts with young promising artists who will become suppliers of paintings or sculptures in the future. By the way, find out, how rich people store art at Luxembourg freeport. So, if you know how to communicate with people and have marketing skills, you can start a business.

3. Art teacher

Were you a gifted student in art school? Do you like to talk to students and are you ready to share your experience? Then teach in groups or in person. You plan the schedule yourself, and the payment is also set by you. You can also create your own training center in the future.

4. Franchisees

If you don’t like teaching, maybe opening your own franchise will help you become a successful businessman. For example, the founders of the Painting with a Twist business model give participants the opportunity to learn painting and enjoy their favorite beverage at the same time.

5. Airbrush Artist

An airbrush artist will always find a job. Someone needs to paint a car or motorcycle, and someone wants an original drawing on the house. To get started, you need to buy equipment: paints, airbrushes, stencils, and an air compressor. The case can become quite profitable because the client can be found even in the face of a neighbor who wants to paint a garage.

6. Stained-glass windowmaker

Creating stained-glass windows and mosaics is not a bad thing for a beginner artist. There is a lot of work to do with individual clients, and if you produce a large number of items – you can do online sales. And you can design shopping malls or other public places using your skills.

7. Drawing cartoons

It is difficult to imagine a festival, fair or central park without a cartoonist, who creates unique souvenirs for all comers. Now, for example, you can learn the main methods of creating cartoons and get down to business. Next, look for events in the city, contests or weddings, where you can earn well and find potential customers for the future.

8. Tattoo Master

Most artists draw on paper or fabric. And why not try to draw on a human body? The necessary experience can be gained in special courses, and then it all depends on you. An experienced master of clients always has enough.

9. Make-up artist

Nowadays, a make-up artist will always find a job: you can work in the salon, work with a certain number of regular customers or even open a beauty school. You just need to understand cosmetics and have a good reputation. By the way, to begin with, you can work a little with discounts in order to create a good customer base.

10. Graphic designer

The owner of such a profession can easily organize his small business or work as a freelancer. A graphic designer can create images for posters, advertisements or newspapers, and magazines. It is not so difficult to master the profession, the main thing is the desire to develop.

11. Fabric painting artist

Would you like to see your work on a T-shirt? It is possible. Even then you can release your own line of clothes. The cost of launching such a business is relatively low, but then you will be able to sell your goods on the site, in stores or among friends. Believe me, customers will always be glad to see things that nobody else has.

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