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Applications for Humor: 4 Funny Resumes That Will Have You Cracking up at Your Desk

posted by Chris Valentine

Most of the time you shouldn’t have a funny resume, but that doesn’t mean it’s never been done. Check out these hilarious examples.

Do you want your resume to stick out from a sea of paper? You may think that being humorous or quirky is the way to go when applying for a job. Sometimes this is a great idea, while other times, the applicant should just stick to whatever it is they do for a living.

We’re going to take a look at four funny resumes that definitely caught the eye of the hiring manager–whether or not the person was hired is a completely different story.

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1. At Least He’s Honest

This resume or cover letter isn’t funny because of the applicant’s misuse of English. It is absolutely hilarious because of the content provided.

It can be assumed that he is stating that he’s brave enough to fight a wild bear and strong enough to lift one as well. Additionally, he is faster than a train–pretty impressive stuff!

What really might stick out to any human resource person is the fact that he can work without pay and will gladly accept payment when the company feels that he is deserving! That sentiment alone is far more than most American candidates are willing to offer!

2. Keeping Things Simple

Sometimes, the best way to get what you want is to state it simply. In this particular case, the job applicant boldly writes that they have a bachelor’s degree.

Right below that sentence is, ‘give job.’

Some might feel that this approach is too simple, but at least it isn’t a resume with a dollar stapled to it as a bribe.

3. The ‘Not Safe for Work’ Resume

Although many workplaces turn a blind eye to some profanity, it’s probably safe to say that the number of curse words found in this resume is unacceptable for the workplace. This resume takes coarse language to another level both in the presence of the words and how they’re used!

With the strong language used and enthusiastic way of writing, it is safe to say that this applicant could be hired as a comedy writer or a creator of fictional weapons of mass destruction.

4. Being the Best in the World

This applicant believes he is the best in the world at many things and though funny resume writing is not listed, it should definitely be included.

After clicking around Rusty Rose’s website, it is clear that he runs a successful one and probably is not in need of a job anytime soon. With that said, don’t take his advice on polishing your own resume. Instead, maybe check out the Top 10 Resume Services.

Funny Resumes: Probably Not the Best Route

The resumes included in this list are quite funny and may have gotten each of their writers a job. It is definitely not advisable to do this yourself unless you are completely confident in your humor and probably don’t care much about the job you’re applying for.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these funny resumes! If you have, and you’d like to see other hilarious posts, take a moment to explore our entertainment blog!

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