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5 Ways to Use CBD for Dogs

posted by Chris Valentine

With each passing day, more and more people are discovering the potential health benefits of CBD. If you visit any dog park in the country, you’ll probably hear dog owners talking about the benefits of CBD for dogs. Not only that, but the Internet is full of fantastic success stories about how effective CBD is in treating various conditions and illnesses in dogs.

However, medical testing of CBD on dogs still has a long way to go. The results that we have so far suggest that CBD can have positive effects on mammals — dogs included. But the key to successfully treating your dog with CBD is knowing how to use it properly.

#1 Getting the dosage right

If you want your dog to enjoy the benefits of CBD, finding the right dosage is critical. Well, that’s true for any medication. Since not all dog breeds are the same, the dosage will vary based on your dog’s size and weight.

Many CBD oil manufacturers will provide you with dosage recommendations. However, before giving your dog CBD, it’s best to consult your vet. In some cases, symptoms that can be treated with CBD might actually point to more severe health issues.

It’s also important to note that CBD can interfere with how the dog’s body metabolizes other drugs. In other words, you shouldn’t mix CBD with your dog’s standard medication because CBD can reduce its effectiveness. Moreover, the dosage will ultimately depend on what health conditions or symptoms you are trying to treat with CBD.

Sometimes, the effects will be visible right away. But to get a better idea of how your dog will react to CBD, it’s wise to wait a couple of weeks.

#2 Applying CBD topically

Skin sensitivity in dogs is quite common, as is using CBD to treat conditions caused by it. In general, applying CBD topically is excellent for treating localized issues. For example, aside from helping the pups with skin issues or allergies, CBD can also help relieve pain caused by hip dysplasia or arthritis. It is also great for dealing with inflammation, wounds, or warts.

#3 Ingesting CBD

The most common way to administer CBD is orally. It’s also the most effective method because your dog’s body will absorb the medication much faster.

Usually, you’ll want to apply CBD directly onto your dog’s gums. However, be careful. If you’re gentle, you won’t accidentally scare or traumatize your dog. Therefore, you’ll be able to repeat the same procedure in the future. Another common way to give your dog CBD is to administer it under the tongue.

#4 Mixing CBD with food

The easiest way to give your dog CBD is during meals. But some dogs might get put off by its strong scent. So, if you have a picky eater on your hands, you might have to go the extra mile to mask the smell and taste. However, in most cases, your dog won’t even notice it or will get used to it fairly quickly.

#5 CBD treats

Dogs might turn their snout up if they sense CBD in their food for the first time, or if you try to apply it under their tongue. Luckily, there’s a solution to that problem — CBD-infused dog treats.

These usually come with additional flavoring that will hide the smell of CBD. On top of that, treats are convenient because they make it easier for you to follow dosage guidelines. Since a single treat has a precise amount of CBD, you’ll only have to keep track of how many treats you can give to your dog.

However, some argue that CBD in dog treats is not as effective as plain CBD because the baking process reduces its potency. But many dog owners say that isn’t the case. In any event, all dogs are different, and you’ll have to see for yourself how your dog will react to CBD treats.


To sum up, owners can give their pups CBD in many ways. Some methods will require patience on the owner’s part, especially when administering it orally. If that’s not an option, you can always mix CBD oil with your dog’s food or treats. You’ll just need to make sure that the dosage is correct to get the best results.

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