Meet Your Mate: 6 Signs That Someone is Your Soulmate

posted by Chris Valentine

You may meet plenty of people you have great chemistry with, but how do you know they’re the one? Here are some signs that someone is your soulmate.

While only about 15% of Americans claim to have been on a dating website, with the prevalence among millennials, that number is sure to balloon.

Even if you try to play it cool, you’re looking for signs that someone is your soulmate. It’s hard to tell if you’ve found a real connection, but finding one is a powerful thing.

Here are six signs that are going to hit you over the head like a ton of bricks to tell you that the person you’re with is your soulmate.

1. You Feel That Spark Immediately

If you’re sitting across from someone on your first or second date and you can’t take your eyes off of them, that’s a good thing. Just make sure you’re really hanging onto their every word.

Lots of us feel deeply attracted to someone as soon as we meet them. We can’t stop the conversation, and we also jump from subject to subject and feel a natural affinity. However, you need to balance out the difference between wanting someone’s body and truly feeling a spark.

When you feel a spark, it means that the things the other person is saying are really resonating with you. When they talk about a subject you know about, they might be saying things you’d never considered before. In other ways, it might seem like they’ve got a window into your soul.

Whatever it is, it should feel warm, powerful, and intellectually stimulating right away. If you found each other on a dating website, they might make you want to log off.

2. You’re Wildly Attracted

If you’ve found your soulmate, you’re going to be wildly attracted to them. You’re going to hunger for them and know right away that you want to do some impolite things with them.

You’re going to shudder with excitement when they touch you for the first time. Even just a hand on your shoulder or two knees touching under the table should feel exciting and otherworldly.

It’s easy to feel butterflies the first time that you kiss someone. However, it’s that sustained feeling, that feeling that you’re going to be hit with them over and over that really means they’re a soulmate. Every time you get intimate is going to be powerful.

If you’ve seen them a few times and you bump into them on a bad day, they should fill your spirit back up again. If you’re feeling like your battery is only about half-charged and you go out to dinner, looking at them should fill you back up with life. You’re going to need to reach out over the table and touch their hand even if your instincts wouldn’t normally have you doing that.

3. You See Their Faults and Understand Them

When you meet someone who you really fall for, they’re going to be human like everyone else. While it sometimes easy to overlook the problems that someone has, it’s important for you to take their problems seriously.

If they have mental health issues, are insecure about something, or are struggling with their career, you need to look at this honestly. If you can respect and understand where they’re coming from, you can be a great match together. If you secretly think they’re not trying hard enough or not putting enough energy into being more successful, you’re going to think a whole host of other things.

You need to be honest with them and with yourself about how you feel. If you’re not truly honest about your apprehensions, you’ll never get down to the truth of how you really feel.

Let them know if you’re worried about something and talk it out. That’s the only way to know how they understand their problems and for them to feel like they can ask the same of you.

4. There’s No Need to Be Secretive

When we’re dating, we often feel like we only want to present our best selves. That’s an understandable instinct, but it’s not always helpful to being the best version of ourselves that we can be. When we’re hiding something, it’s like we’re only being a percentage of who we are.

If you don’t think it’s the right time to be yourself, when is the right time then?

It usually turns out that the best time to be yourself is right now. When you find someone who you don’t want to hide anything from, then you’ve found yourself a soulmate.

5. You Want To Share Them With Your Friends

If you’ve found someone who you’re excited to be with, it’s going to be easy to think about being around your friends with them. You should feel excited to introduce them to your friends, and they should be excited to meet the people who you care about.

When you bring those two worlds together, you’ll know you’ve found the right one. The way that your friends click with your new partner should tell you how you really feel about them. You should be able to talk to them as openly and as honestly as you talk to your friends with the added special tenderness that lovers share.

6. Boring Things Sound Exciting

If you’ve found someone who you’re absolutely gaga over, you’re going to know by some of the strange impulses you have. If you notice that boring little things are sounding especially exciting, you might be with someone who you’re feeling a special way about.

Some people get really excited about sports, while others get really excited about a day at the museum. If one or the other has normally seemed boring to you but your partner is deeply passionate about that thing, your soulmate is going to make you want to go.

You’ll find yourself cheering out “Rembrandt! Rembrandt!” with paint all over your face sooner than you might think.

Signs That Someone is Your Soulmate Aren’t Subtle

If you’re worried you might miss signs that someone is your soulmate, you need to stop kidding yourself. The signs that hit you are going to be too loud to ignore, too strong to run from, and too big to miss.

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