8 Proven Ways To Keep Your Wife Happy

posted by Chris Valentine


Surely you must have heard the saying, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. It turns out this witty saying is actually true. Your wife is the axis around which your world revolves. You might not notice it yet, but its nearly impossible to mobilise the life without her. It is important that you take care of her well being, physically and mentally. After all, she is the one taking care of you all the time. Her being happy is not just a metaphor but it is your responsibility and it’s not tough. Some little gestures from you could make her joyous and feel like the luckiest lady in the world.

Sure, gifts help but not everything needs to be materialistic. You cannot buy love, happiness and mental peace. Show her that you are there for her. Tell her that you love her. She is all yours and its time that you make you partner-in-crime feel on cloud nine.

Help Her With Chores

Whether she is a working professional or a housewife, no job is an easy one. Help her with the house chores to show her that you respect and admire for what she does to keep the household intact. Thank her for playing her part so well and understand how tedious the up-keeping of the house could be.

Focus On Her

Be a gentleman, not an arrogant moron. Ask her preferences on movies or restaurants for the date night. Do not undermine her when she is talking her heart out. Respect her needs and do not rule them out impulsively.

Listen To Problem Without Offering Solution

Sometimes, you just need to listen to her. She is smart enough to figure it out and there is no need for you to show how easily you could have handled the situation. Unless asked, keep your advice to yourself. Listen to her problems and understand that you need to trust her capabilities to solve it out on her own.

Say Those Three Magic Words

No, it’s not “I Love You”. The three magic words that you learned in primary school, “Please, Sorry and Thank You”. It is not about being formal or informal with your partner; it is about respecting her and recognising her efforts. A simple “Thank You” will show her that you adore her for whatever she does for you. A “Please!” could go a long way in maintaining the gentleness in a relationship. A “ Sorry” could avert many fights and arguments and heal the hurt.

Take The Responsibility

If you have done anything wrong to her, intentionally or not, apologize and try to change that behaviour for good. If she has something on her mind that is bothering her, try to know how you could help her with it. Maybe a simple change from your end could end all her worries.

Remember A Few Dates

Birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any day that marks something special in your relationship, remember it. Try to give her subtle surprises on birthday or anniversary. You could order a birthday cake for wife accompanied with flowers and gift her a midnight surprise. Take her on the long trip on your anniversary. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, a few tokens of love will make her feel happy-go-lucky for a long time.

Include Her In All Decisions

She is your better half now and she should know what is going on with your life. So whether to buy a new vehicle or change the house, include her in all decisions and ask for her opinions. Don’t be the torch bearer of patriarchy.

Tell Her That You Love Her

Yes, express your deep-seated feelings and tell her that you are lucky to have found her. She will be on cloud nine and will be beaming with pride and happiness all day long.

She doesn’t need the whole world, she just wants you on her side. Not only it will make her happy but you will be glad too that how blissful this life long partnership has become. Treasure her, she is all yours!


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