Top 10 Sexy Costumes 2019 from Yandy (Coupon Code Inside)

posted by Chris Valentine

The clothes that you wear have the power to define you. Your type of employment, life ambitions, spending habits, and even your emotions, what you wear says it all. So, if you want to look sexy, you need to wear clothes that will show your suggestive side.

One of the best places where you can find quality sexy cloths today is Yandy. The clothing store has a giant collection of sexy and trendy clothing perfect for fashionistas like you.

sexy costumes

Whether you are looking for Halloween costumes or just anything sexy to surprise your partner at home, the options are endless at Yandy. If you are not sure about where to start, to give you some outfit inspiration here are 10 sexy costumes to that you should consider in 2019:

1. Sexy Surgeon Costume

Who said that a surgeon can’t be sexy? Even though this is just a costume, it’s what you need to be called Dr. Sexy by anyone who sees you. The sensual costume features a cheeky three-pocket dust coat and comes with a toy stethoscope.

2. Sexy White Nurse Costume

This is not your typical nurse uniform but it’s one of the sexiest formal costumes that you can find on the market in 2019. It’s what you need to appear irresistible and trendy. Unlike your traditional nurse uniform, this costume comes with a front zipper and it’s shorter to paint a suggestive picture.

3. Queen of Detention Costume

Erotic and beautiful are the words that can perfectly describe this costume set. It comes with an official theme but you shouldn’t confuse it for something you can wear to work. You’ll literary ‘detain’ the thoughts of your male colleagues if you do. It’s essentially meant for Halloween. The naughty costume features a plaid dress that has an attached jacket, a matching belt, and plaid necktie.

4. Sexy Class Distraction Costume

When you think of a case of a school girl gone bad, this is the costume that can help you paint such a notion. It’s great for wearing at home when you have an intimate person coming over. The lovely costume features a pleated mini skirt, a cropped jacket, and a matching top and necktie.

5. Naughty Principal Costume

Principals are supposed to be strict in dressing. Ironically, this costume paints the opposite image which makes it an amazing choice for Halloween. It features a grey mini dress that’s characterized by black buttons and a slit back.

6. Naughty Nerd Costume

In the streets, someone will call you despicable for wearing this costume. Puzzlingly, you’ll be called sensual by your partner if you wear it. It’s just what you need to boost your sex appeal in 2019. It features high-waisted shorts, white crop top, a bow tie, and suspenders.

7. Sexy Chamber Maid Costume

This Yandy costume shows a maid with sensual power. It’s what you need to demonstrate the prowess of a maid in matters love. It features a black short dress with white stockings.

8. Sexy School Girl Uniform Costume

School uniforms are supposed to be conservative. However, this costume is meant to look the opposite. It’s a sexy design that suits a daring character. It features a short sleeve white top and a high-waisted red plaited skirt.

9. Sweet Witch Costume

Witches are historically fearful but there are a few of them that are sweet. You can demonstrate an element of a sweet witch with this costume. It features a striped romper, a colorful belt, and a black hat.

10. Sexy Dead Assassin Costume

Lastly, you can demonstrate a ninja factor with this sexy costume. It’s an amazing design for Halloween and features a red and black romper, black shoulder pads, sexy cutback, and a toy sword.

It’s all about trend, class, and quality when it comes to Yandy’s sexy costumes. They are what you need to appear sexy this year. The options are not only amazing but affordable too. You even have the chance to use 2019 Yandy coupon codes online on a majority of the costumes.

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