Best Tips for a Successful First Date

posted by Chris Valentine

Have you been single for long that you opted to do online dating? If you are actively doing this to find the ‘special’ person then you should improve on your dating activities. It all starts with knowing how to go on your first date. The moment can be boring, awkward or exciting. If it goes well, it can be a start of something great. Most guys have zero ideas on; what to do on the appointment day, where to go and most importantly how to act. But, what exactly makes a date a success? Let us talk about some useful steps for a great first date.

When to Ask Someone Out Online

When you meet someone online, it is very easy to develop strong feelings because of too much messaging. However, it is important to test that sparkle offline. Do not wait for longer than 17 to 23 days to ask for an out. If you are looking for an interracial partner to date, then join – Asian Dating site where love is more than a skin deep. So what are you waiting for?

Dress to Impress and Go Somewhere You Can Afford

There is nothing worse than being under or over-dressed. Do not wear shorts, your shirt should be ironed and free of stains. Make sure you are able to afford the restaurant you have chosen. No one likes a cheap person, so do not complain about prices as it can be a turnoff.

Smile on Arrival

Your date may be nervous as you are when meeting for the first time. This can lead to un-engaging and uncomfortable conversation. A warm and friendly smile will remove those fears thus a nice start.

Do Not Shake Hands

It is a date and not a business meeting thus, should have a romantic experience. A handshake creates a day job feeling to your occasion. Go for a cheek-kiss and if not comfortable with that, try a gentle hug instead.

Keep Away From Making Him/ Her Feel Interviewed

Be careful about asking questions one after the other. Enquire about their hobbies, college and hometown. Keep it light and let him/her get to know you too. Avoid pressure interrogations like talking about having kids already. The goal should be to have fun.

Do Not Talk About Your Ex. (Under Any Circumstance)

There is no need to revisit a past relationship no matter how good or bad it was. This may trigger the thought that you are not over that person. Therefore, if your former spouse lost your dog, cheated on you with your best friend or stole money from you, save that discussion for another day.

Avoid Getting Drunk

If the occasion took place at a refreshment place or bar, keep the mood light. Have a cocktail or two and leave it at that. First impression is the key, so make it a good one. Getting drunk completely ruins the chance you had with the person you are interested in.

Pay If You Want another Day 

As much as gender roles have changed, things are still the same. In order to get another opportunity, then pick up the tab. It is a gentle activity to do. You might look lame and cheap to let her settle the bill. Give her something to look forward to by asking her out as you are parting. Do not wait or play games.

Follow Up

If you had a good time, call or nicely text after an hour. Combine humor and a smiley-face emotion to thank him or her politely for the day.

In conclusion, even if you do not go through with the second date, just relax and remember that, practice makes perfect. In case you are working on getting the love of your life, these tips will improve your impression rating and soar through the roof thus taking things to another level.

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