Getting the Advice You Need When Going Through a Divorce

posted by Chris Valentine

Divorce is tough. The emotional strain, the stress and all of the practical steps you need to take can leave you completely drained. Divorce can also be expensive and extremely time consuming and so it makes sense that at such a time you look for all the help you can get. It is with this in mind that we take a look at how to get the advice you need when going through a divorce.

Get by with a Little Help from Your Friends  

It is very common, for those who are going through a divorce, to first seek emotional support and advice. It makes a lot of sense that and it’s healthy to want to talk things through with family and friends.

Not only may they be able to reassure you, but it is also likely that will take it upon themselves to offer practical support as well. Whether or not you take the advice or the practical support is entirely up to you, but if nothing else you have been able to talk things through – this always helps to get some perspective and maybe even a roadmap for moving forward.

In addition to getting by with a little help from your friends, however, you’ll probably want to move things along in a slightly more proactive way and so what do you do?

Speak to the Experts

Getting advice from those who you are closest to is one thing, but in order to get a clear picture of your own personal circumstances it may help to speak to a divorce attorney.

Although legal experts can’t guarantee to give you peace of mind, what they can do is help you understand the finer details of you impending divorce. You may want to know how capital could be divided or what will happen to the family home for example. Or it may be that you are looking for advice on how to handle an uncooperative spouse. 

An Amicable Agreement

Many couples, who have experienced going through a divorce, would agree that some of the best advice you can get is to look for an amicable agreement. If, between you, you can agree on the terms of the divorce, this could save you time, money and heartache further down the line.

To achieve this try meeting on neutral ground with a set agenda and stick to it. Each time you agree on something tick it off the list and move on. If you do manage to agree terms, then go away, think it over and then put it in writing. If you can’t agree, then don’t panic, there are other options.

Legal Mediation

Legal mediation is a good option for those who can’t agree terms. This involves both parties sitting together with an attorney and discussing how an agreement can be achieved. The attorney should stay impartial, but at the same time be very clear of the legal implications and offer advice on the best types of options.

If legal mediation fails then the courtrooms are the final resort, but mediation has a high success rate and is therefore, perhaps the best advice you can get when going through a divorce.

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