5 Ways Corporate Events Can Boost Company Culture

posted by Chris Valentine

Company culture is a topic that is becoming more popular and widely discussed. This is particularly true as more millennials enter the workforce – a generation that’s widely recognised for changing the workplace, as they seek to find job roles that offer greater purpose than just a pay check.

As such, businesses are increasingly concerned about how they can promote employee morale. One way to do this is through corporate events, which could help to boost company culture in the following ways… 

Boosting Retention

It’s no secret that the atmosphere at work can have a knock-on effect on retention rates. After all, employees who are happier tend to enjoy their jobs and feel more loyal to their company. As such, by providing a change of pace and making employees feel valued, an event could help to boost retention rates. Furthermore, there is evidence that happier employees tend to take less sick days, so improving culture can have positive impacts all round.

Celebrates Success

In addition to celebrating company success, an event can also highlight the contributions that employees have made and thank them for their hard work. It’s an effective way to show staff how much they are valued by the company, while also giving them a sense of ownership and pride in their work. It also promotes the business as one that genuinely cares about its employees, which could help to set it apart from competitors and boost company culture.

Encourages Creativity

No matter how dedicated and productive an employee, when we are faced with the same environment day-in and day-out, it can negatively impact creativity. As such, a company event can help by placing employees in a new environment. While the event or celebration may not involve completing typical work tasks, it could help employees to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, enabling them to be more creative and innovative when back in the office.

Builds Relationships

In any work environment, for the majority of the working day, employees tend to spend the majority of their working hours with their team. However, an event promotes communication across different departments and areas, allowing staff to build new working relationships. This could prove useful, providing new contacts for projects and tasks, which could help to strengthen the output of employees. 

Provides Validation

When working for a larger company, it can be difficult to provide recognition on an individual and personal level, which may make staff feel undervalued. An event, on the other hand, validates the accomplishments, dedication and hard work provided by each employee. This recognition can not only boost company culture but help to increase their work performance and productivity.

Hosting a corporate event can offer numerous benefits, especially when it comes to company culture. If you are thinking of hosting your own, then consider these organising tips and find a suitable event structure. 

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