Satisfying Tips on How to Please Your Man in Bed

posted by Chris Valentine

There is no doubt that the secret to better relationships lies in the quality of sex that couples have. Lovemaking is a two-way thing. Relying on your man to initiate the moves is, therefore, one of the ways to kill your relationship without even knowing. There is no shame in taking control of your bedroom affairs as a woman. If anything, striving to please your man sexually will see your relationship last for as long as it can. In this article, we look at some satisfying tips on how to please your man in bed.

1.Change Sex Positions Regularly

Different sex positions have different advantages for him. For instance, some positions will allow him to go deeper while others will allow him to feel the tightness of your vagina. Switching positions will, therefore, allow him to feel all your parts something, which is best for every man. If a given position helps you to climax perfectly, start with the other ones then switch to your favorite position moments before your climax.

2.Use Sex Toys

Unlike in the past, today you can find sex toys that both of you will enjoy during your bedtime. Experts say that sex toys enhance bedroom fun, therefore, bringing out the best out of everyone. You can get affordable sex toys online so you do not have to worry about spending a lot on these items. What is more is that wide varieties of these are available.

3.Do Not Be Afraid to Put Your Legs Up High

Every man loves the opportunity to thrust in as deeply as he possibly can. While in the missionary position, putting your legs as high as high shoulders will see him thrust deeper into your vagina. However, if you are hurt by doing this, do not try it again. Instead, if your man is in a kneeling position, you can wrap your legs around his waist to achieve the same effect. Remember to keep him active so he does not “fall asleep.”

4.Embrace Quickies

There is no specific time or place to have sex. Therefore, you can have as many quickies as you can. This gives you the opportunity to satisfy your man very fast and see how powerful you can be.

5.Never Hurry Things Up

Unless it is a quickie, never hurry things up during lovemaking. It is important to take your man through all the three stages of lovemaking. Take it nice and slow. If possible, stay on top. As you thrust up and down, ask him how he feels by whispering gently into his ears. Use your vaginal muscles to squeeze his manhood at specific intervals until he climaxes. You will be amazed by how mind-blowing your sexual experiences will be once you perfect these arts.

For a successful bedtime, do not just rely on your man to initiate the moves. If anything, it is more fun if you as the woman take control. Make your bedtime exciting by using sex toys that are cheaply available online. Give your man an opportunity to thrust deeper into you and access different parts of your body by changing sex positions regularly. Whisper in his ears and squeeze his balls strategically to provide him with extra pleasure.

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