7 Simple Sex Tips for Couples to Put a Spark in Your Love Life

posted by Chris Valentine

Many argue about the importance of sex in a successful relationship. While sex may have positive impacts on an individual, it can also benefit a relationship. But it’s not the sex itself that makes a couple happy.

The affection between partners is what can make a relationship successful. Looking for some lovemaking tips? Here are some simple sex tips for couples to keep the spark in your relationship.

1. Communication Is Key

Communication is important in sex as it is in every aspect of the relationship. Good communication can help you receive and give more satisfaction. It helps you and your partner connect and learn more about each other.

2. Try Sex Toys

Want to make your sex life more exciting? Consider bringing a sex toy into bed with your partner. Many couples find that bringing sex toys into bed helped in improving their sex lives.

Bringing a sex toy to bed helped some couples improve sexual communication. Don’t have experience with sex toys? Here are some sex toys for beginners.

3. Send Risky Texts

Sending risky texts can excite your partner for what’s to come later. Experts say that sexting is a powerful turn-on move. It gives you a way to get intimate with your partner without taking your clothes off.

Sending a sexy image or raunchy text triggers mental chemicals like dopamine. This hormone, along with oxytocin, promotes feelings of closeness. Don’t be afraid to explain in explicit detail your plans for your partner.

4. Take Your Time With Foreplay

Foreplay can be a powerful tool for more intimate and satisfying sex. Having sex at least once a week can help in maintaining a close bond with your partner. Extending foreplay is common sex advice for couples.

Extended foreplay allows you and your partner to explore each other. This gives you the chance to connect with your partner on a deep emotional level. Foreplay also helps a woman at a physical level to achieve a better orgasm.

5. Use a Blindfold

If you’re looking to try some light experiments with sex, try using a blindfold. If you don’t have a proper blindfold, you can use a tee or a sleep mask. A handkerchief or necktie may also suffice.

This form of light bondage is a great introduction to trying kinks. Depriving your partner or yourself can enhance your other senses.

6. Kiss Your Partner

Affectionate sex is not the same as sex. If you want to make true love to your partner, don’t forget to kiss them. Kissing can increase sexual arousal and boost self-esteem.

7. Cuddle After Sex

Intimacy with your partner doesn’t have to stop after sex. One of our best sex tips with couples is cuddling after sex. When cuddling with your partner, try genuinely sweet-talking them like saying how happy they make you.

Take Advantage of These Simple Sex Tips for Couples!

Now you know some great and simple sex tips for couples. Follow these steps to add some spice to your time in the bedroom!

But improving sex is only one aspect of a relationship. To discover even more great advice, we invite you to keep reading our other lifestyle and relationship posts today!


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