Want to Get To The Top Of Your Business? Here’s How

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are working in a business and you have dreams of one day reaching the top, you need to ensure that you are approaching it in the right way. CEOs and business leaders are only made in three different ways, the first is someone like Mark Zuckerberg who had a great idea and ran with it, the second is to be born into it and have the fortune of having a parent who runs their own company and the third, and most common method, is to work your way up from the bottom. There are many successful people throughout the world who have started from the bottom and made it, people like Sun Capital Partner’s CEO Marc Leder who heads up this highly successful investment group.

If you want to get from the bottom to the top, here’s what you need to be doing.


The first thing that you need to have is an all out commitment to reaching the top of your company, this is not some flight of fancy and if you want to make it to the top, you must be driven from the outset. You should be so committed that other people in the business recognize what your goals are.

Results Driven

In every aspect of what you do within the business, you need to make sure that people are recognizing you for the high level of results that you deliver. Successful leaders are those who stop at nothing to deliver results and if you really want to be taken seriously as a candidate to move up the ladder, it needs to start with the results that you are bringing in.

Building Relationships

CEOs and business leaders may have reputations of being sharks but they cannot get to where they have, within building solid relationships with peers and colleagues. You need to start this at the bottom so that you have people around you that can help you to reach the top.

Leadership Skills

As you climb the company ladder, your results and your individual performance will be looked at less, and more attention will be given to your skills as a leader. The best way to improve, and to exhibit your leadership skills, is to take on responsibility. You should be looking for any way in which you can take responsibility for a project or a campaign, and ensuring that you deliver.


Knowledge truly is power in the world of business and you should be looking to learn all the time whilst you are at work. You should be looking to learn from others as well as boosting your knowledge about the industry on the whole. Nobody can reach the position of leader if they don’t first understand how to lead, and how best to manage the business within its respective industry.

Work hard, work smart and stop at nothing until you have reached the position that you want.

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