In-House Marketing Tips For Your Physical Business

posted by Chris Valentine

Many business owners will try their best to free up some capital which they can use on marketing efforts but many fail to see the opportunity which is right before their eyes. Getting people inside your business is one thing but the job is not complete and you actually have a great opportunity here to market further to the customer, to wow them and to inspire them to spend more money. In-house marketing should always be a key part of any marketing campaign which you are putting together and here are some tips on getting it right.

Less is More

It can be tempting to splash promotions, offers and information all over your store to tell the world about what is going on, but this can be massively overwhelming for the customer and you will lose the value of your marketing efforts as a result. The key is to make the information easy to see and understand, but not bombarding the customer with information. Your business should not be busy with floor decals, hanging posters, flashing signs and clear stickers which indicate the offers, it is about picking the best pieces of information and ensuring that they can be clearly seen.

Using the Senses

Once a customer is inside your business you get the opportunity to appeal to all of their sense, and not only the eyes and the ears. What we mean by this is that announcements, videos and written information is what we use to market outside the business, once inside however we have more tools at our disposal. For example a small cafe cooking some fresh bread is going to appeal to both the smell and the taste of the customer, so will a store selling kitchenware, which opts to do cooking demonstrations. Remember that you have much more opportunity to appeal to your customers once they have walked through the door, make sure that you take it.

Stick to The Brand

A trap which many fall into is that they try to use signs and banners to grab the customer’s attention, which don’t follow the branding or the style of your business. If you look at some of the world’s most successful companies, all of their signage and POS are styled with the same colors and designs as the rest of the brand. A fluorescent sticker will of course grab the attention, but it can look sub-standard in contrast with the rest of your branding.

Getting the Staff on Board

Everyone working in your business should perfectly understand all of the marketing efforts which are taking place in store. The last thing that you want is for a customer to show interest in a promotion or request more information about a certain event, only for your staff member to have no idea about it. In order to deliver a successful in-house marketing strategy your team need to be the ones who are closing the deal, and for them to do that they have to have all of the information at their disposal, and that is up to the management to deliver.

Don’t lose the chance to better build your brand and sell more, make sure that in-house marketing plays a role in your business.

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